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Four Blind Mice Title Significance Essay

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Maverick Lozano10/27/14Period 3Reading Essay 10/27Topic: Analyze how the book's title is developed in the work. The title must lend itself to a central theme of the novel. What is the author ultimately trying to say through the title as a task of this topic?I read the book "Four Blind Mice" by James Patterson, a suspenseful, crime/mystery solving novel. The title "Four Blind Mice" helps develop the story and plot in a few significant ways. The title is tied in with the book by linking itself with the main problem and three main characters of the book. The title sets up the ending of the story and by incorporating the title it ultimately ties up all loose ends and brings the story to a close. The title also helps by keeping the reader guessing and provides options for what the end of the book may result in.The title "Four Blind Mice" is not used to till the last fifty pages of the book; instead three of the main characters are referred to as the "Three Blind Mice" that links the problem and resolution to them. For example, "A long time ago in Vietnam, the trio had been given the code name Three Blind Mice."(39) Considering the title is "Four Blind Mice" this is an example of foreshadowing and keeps the reader guessing and brings up the question of who is the fourth of the "Four Blind Mice". The Three Blind Mice are the three killers in the story and are also main characters; by giving three out of the four men Patterson is trying to get the reader to think and is setting up a twist at the end of the book. Another example is "The names were: Thomas Starkey, Brownley Harris, and Warren Griffin, The Three Blind Mice" (355) This example helps connect the title to the three characters causing the main conflict. The author uses the three men and the term "Three Blind Mice" by not giving any hints to why there is not a fourth "mouse" and in the end links them to the conflict, resolution, and the ending of the book.Next, the author uses the title to help wrap up his story by what was first used to keep the reader guessing and opening all possible options; is now being used to bring the story to a close and also bring the final elements of the story together . For example "You're responsible for everything that went wrong....

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