Four Corner Debate By: Raymond Repka

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Debate statement:
“Contemporary society has done enough to respond to the legacies of historical globalization.”
The criteria that I based my position on were the following:
 What does responding effectively mean?
 What legacies of this issue(s) have led to contemporary globalization?
 What is a legacy?
My position for this debate is strongly disagree. The events that have occurred in the past still affect society today. Take an event like the Rwandan Genocide that happened a little under twenty years ago, eight hundred-thousand to one million people killed within one hundred days. The Rwandan Genocide had begun in April immediately after the President of Rwanda and Burundi’s plane was shot down. Tutsi’s, which made up the minority of Rwanda but were the higher class cattle farmers, were accused of shooting down this plane. At that point, the Hutu’s had begun a genocide that shocked the world. As you seen in the movie, Sometimes in April, the American government does not do as much as they were capable of. Romeo Dallaire, who was appointed Force Commander for the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR), where he witnessed he country descend in chaos. Since he has retired, he has written two best-selling books, founded The Romeo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative, an organization committed to ending the use of child soldiers worldwide. He was involved in the Genocide and he has said that there was much more that he could have done to help; but he didn’t, and he is still mentally and emotionally scarred. The Belgium, French and Americans and at the United Nations were aware of the Hutu’s plans of slaughtering and did not take the steps to prevent it. They never did anything to eliminate the radio broadcasting promoting the deaths of the Tutsi nation. Though they knew, the Americans shunned the g-word, and were very cautious how they worded things. The goal of these nations was to get their own people out, with no help provided to the Tutsi people and to try to stop the genocide that occurred between April to July. I strongly disagree with the events that happened in Rwanda within the one hundred days it took place. There was a lot more that the countries around the world could have done that they didn’t do, they could have saved the...

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