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Four Day School Week Essay

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Kaitey CrouseEnglish 111Mrs. BroylesNovember 5, 2014Why all Schools Should Have a Four Day School WeekChanging the five day school week has been argued for and against due the controversy as to whether or not it would actually be beneficial to students and teachers. When approaching the idea, many people would like to believe that five day school weeks are the most efficient and productive way to educate our youth. What is often overlooked, however, is that it is causing students to dread school more than they already do, and lessen their willingness to be in or attentive at school. Not only this, but many teachers easily get behind on either grading or lesson planning, while the school could actually save money when switching to this schedule. By refreshing the way the school schedule has previously been, we can address the issue of exhausted students who don't truly learn anything, teachers who are overwhelmed with work and the economic questions within America's schools. Providing both students and teachers with a more equal week of break and school time by having Wednesdays off will make students more willing to attend school, give the teachers time to furnish their lesson plans and give the school a break in costs.When faced with the four day school week in multiple state in the Western region of the United States, the results of many schools proved that it would be truly be beneficial to student attendance. In "The Four-day School Week: Information and Recommendation", Beesley and Anderson magnifies the point that the new schedule resulted in "more time for appointments, family trips, and working…" because of the extra time that they received from a shorter school week. With the ability of having Wednesdays off, a day virtually all businesses are open, allows the opportunity for students to make time for priorities that occur outside of school while not having to miss school and makeup work. It also allows those students in high schools who work to pick up more hours to make more money, which is always helpful as a student headed for the path to college.Not only did students gain from this school week, but the school staff was also granted a break. It was recognized that "teachers reported a lot of wasted time within the five-day school week, and that the four-day week forced them to focus on instruction to a much higher degree. The additional time devoted to planning and preparation that the four-day week provided helped them connect instruction and planning in a more effective manner" (Hewitt and Anderson, The Four-Day School Week: Impact on Student Academic Performance, pg. 26). The extra day will allow for instructors to thoroughly make their lesson plans and to even spend time with their own families and attend their own personal appointments.The cost efficiency is one of the main factors that is pushing schools to lean toward, or maintain, a four-day school week. "The premise is that by operating a...

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