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Four Functions of ManagementManagement is both an art and a science, which requires mastery of a variety of skills in order to achieve organizational goals. Management has four basic functions. They are: planning, organizing, leading and controlling (Office of Entrepreneurial Education, 2006). There are some differences of opinion as to whether this is the complete landscape regarding the functions of management. Carter McNamara, in discussing these functions, acknowledges that there are other schools of thought that expand on leading to include employee empowerment, visioning, and other issues (McNamara, 1997-2008). For purposes of this paper, the traditional functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling will be discussed in the context of how it relates to my organization - a plastic bottle manufacturer.PlanningPlanning, as a function of management, involves four separate categories. The first, Strategic Planning, involves long term planning and strategies for three to five years. The second, Operational Planning, involves the day-to-day planning necessary to achieve organizational goals. The third, Tactical Planning, is a plan involving the manner in which a plan is accomplished, where, when, what, and by whom it will be accomplished. The fourth is Budget Planning, which is a determination as to how the financial resources will be allocated and spent.At the plastic bottle manufacturing plant, the company has a Strategic Plan that lays out the framework for our overall vision, mission, and plans for the next few years. Everyone in the company has access to the plan, and our managers are well versed in what we [Eliminate first person (I, we, our) in academic essays unless you are writing about a personal experience.] are trying to accomplish. The company wants to become a dominant factor in the market for plastic bottles over the next five years. The company budget is structured around this Strategic Plan. Each Department has developed its own tactical plans to implement the strategic plan, and each Division has implemented its operational plans for the day-to-day functions necessary to meet the goals.OrganizingOrganizing, as a function of management, has the purpose of making the best use of resources to achieve goals (Office of Entrepreneurial Education, 2006). When organizing, managers create structures, establish relationships necessary to achieve the goals, allocate the necessary resources, formally assign tasks, delegate authority, and coordinate all efforts of the organization. Organizing is a very important function of management, as it puts into practice the plans set forth in the planning stages.At the plastic bottle manufacturing plant, the departments are structured to support the overall goals regarding production and shipping. The work is organized for the greatest efficiency. Individual employees are assigned tasks by their managers, who delegate the authority to make certain decisions. The managers are responsible...

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770 words - 3 pages yourself. In our organization if manager are not controlling the company would be run to the ground because no one assumes the responsibility of anything.As I explained the four function of management I hope that know you are able to see the importance of each function of management. All the function need to be taken seriously and not neglected because if you neglect one the whole process will fall behind.ReferencesZeldman, A.(1999). Operating a small business. Pecton printing, 101Anas A. (1994). Management 1500 Prentice,28Ruben, B. (1997) Business leadership Motley, 88

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