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Four Keys To Look For In Content Marketing During 2014

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Content marketing saw many changes and advancements into the strategies of digital marketing and organic search. As the terms SEO and search engine optimization have been seen more in a negative light and digital marketers have looked to content marketing strategies to bring higher organic rankings with their pages and sites. While these have been productive as the digital sphere continues to learn what Google is determining, 2014 will continue to showcase new trends and place more importance on certain areas of content. Content Marketing Institute also released a recent survey of B2B marketing trends that shared that 93% of marketers plan to use content marketing in 2014.
As we enter 2014, below are four keys to what could bring about the biggest content marketing success stories and difference makers for the new year.
Infographics and Visuals:
In 2013, we saw this as a key trend but they continue to grow stronger and will give a boost to your content. Sites, such as, Pinterest, Instagram, SlideShare have continued to rise because of the visual content they share. Google+ has also increased in popularity due to its images and other areas of the social network. It is also important to find a high quality image that corresponds well to the content that is being produced.
Visual content also has every reason to be a huge success in the content marketing game. Roughly, ninety percent of information that is transmitted to our brains is visual. Posting quality statistics, information or an infographic makes much more sense and more sharable in a world of fast-paced social media coming at us. This is what we want, correct? If we are just posting something for our own benefit and has little potential to be shared, it is time to re-think our content marketing strategy.
Short-form videos will also be powerful this coming year. As we have just seen Facebook recently add video and video advertising in their Newsfeed, this will be a trend where your company can step up to lead followers and potential followers to more of your content. Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Google+ are also other video outlets that are dynamic in their own ways. Taking advantage of this strategy can definitely pay off. Starting sooner than later will prove beneficial is done in the most effective way.
Relevant Content:
As Google’s Hummingbird continues to transform, we see that the more relevant your content is, the better your content will be picked up. Also, the more relevant your article or blog is to your readers, the better your opportunity to be seen in high regards of Google. You may have the best article written on a specific topic but if it is not relevant to your reader and in today’s current trends to what it is interesting to your target market, it may be concluded as a content marketing strategy fail.
Strategies should now focus more in how your company or blog/article can be tailored to meet the needs and answer the questions that your target audience is...

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