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In the year 570 A.D. Mohammed was born. He is the founder of Islam. He was born in Mecca, at the time the central city of the Arabian Peninsula. During the ten years between his arrival in Medina and his death in ad 632, Muhammad laid the basis for the ideal Islamic state. A group of committed Muslims was established, and a community life was ordered according to the requirements of the new religion.They were the five pillars of Islam, the essential religious duties required of every adult Muslim who is mentally able. The five pillars are each described in some part of the Qurran and were already practiced during Muhammad's lifetime. Islam has been recognized by Muslims to be a universal code. Mohammed made two attempts that were made to expand northward into the Byzantine area and its capital in Constantinople, and within ten years after Muhammad's death. Muslims had defeated the Sassanids of Persia and the Byzantines, and had conquered most of Persia, Iraq, Syria, and Egypt.His conquests continued, and the Sassanian Empire was soon after destroyed and the influence of Byzantium was largely diminished. For the next several centuries logical and cultural figures flourished in the huge, multinational Islamic world, and Islam became the most influential civilization in the world. In the 7th and 8th centuries the religion of Islam spread through conversion and military conquest throughout the Middle East and North Africa. By 733, just 100 years after the death of Muhammad an ordered Islamic state stretched from India in the east to Spain in the west.The spread of Islam has affected every country, stretching from east to west and north to south across the globe. In Africa and South Asia advanced a bit differently than other parts of the Islamic world. The Arab Muslim armies conquered the whole of North Africa by A.D. 711, which were already moving on into Spain. Many nomadic Berbers also converted and joined the Arab armies in conquering the lands to the west and across the Straits of Gibraltar. In less than a century later the Almohads were gone, but not before the most of the remaining Berber Christians had converted to Islam. In A.D. 1070 the Almorovid had a narrow interpretation of Islam, eliminated the Kharijite and Shi'i regimes from North Africa, and acknowledged the caliphs in Baghdad.In West Africa Islam spread to the sub-Saharan from the north along the trade routes. The sub-Saharan savannahs such as Kawkaw, Takrur, Ghana, and Bornu converted to Islam by the eleventh century. In East Africa Muslim Arabs conquered Egypt very early and then gradually migrated up the Nile River. The process was quick in the ninth century when gold was discovered and drew Arabs south. Several centuries later Muslim Arab Bedouins also migrated into the region. Islam spread from the coast to Ethiopia and Somalia. When the Arabs arrived there in the ninth century they established Muslim kingdoms. They encountered the ancient Ethiopian Christian kingdom. A long and...

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