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Four Phases Of Grief Essay

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Section #1: The Narrative
Robert Colby was born on January 28, 1924, in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Colby began the conversation by telling me when he was four years of age his older brother woke him up while holding a shot gun in his hand. Colby’s brother began to tell him he needs to get up but quietly so he does not wake his parents. He and his brother went out to the cornfields near his house and lay on the ground. Colby said with a smile, “I can still hear my brother whisper in my ear that we were going to get dinner for the family.” Colby looks up and sees two deer in the fields, his brother, only five years old, raises the gun and kills one.
His brother pulls out a knife from his pocket ...view middle of the document...

After he finished his duty, he returned back to Rhinelander and brought home his future wife. Unfortunately, his brother died while being in the War. He told me he lost his best friend during the war but came back with the love of his life.
While back at home, Colby and his wife had six children; 2 boys and four girls. He stated that in order to provide for his family he began to work at the local lumber mill. His wife stayed at home with the kids until they were all in school, once they were in school she worked at the school library as an assistant. Colby mentioned how time was tough for him and his family and he worked many long nights in order to have enough money to put food on the table. He stated that he and his boys would go hunting for food during hunting seasons and his daughters and wife would package it up and store in the freezer. I asked Colby if his sons knew of the story of when he was four, Colby laughed and said no, he didn’t want his boys to be hunting that young.
At the age of 52, his wife died of cancer. Colby stated that he stayed by her bedside at the hospital until her final breathe. His two boys joined the service, and three daughters moved out of the state. Only one daughter stayed in Rhinelander. His daughter and husband lived with Colby after his wife’s passing until they began to raise their own family, where Colby got his own little apartment. Colby stated that since he was retired and had a lot of time on his hands that he enjoyed redecorating his apartment; moving furniture around, rehanging pictures and etc. Colby said with a smile, “the doctors think I have some kind of condition called OCD. What is so wrong with wanting to rearrange furniture?”
I met Colby in 2013 when he was admitted into Rennes Health and Rehab for only a short term stay at the age of 89 due to falling and breaking a hip. During his admission interview, Colby appeared to be very anxious to go back home to belongs. He kept stating in-between questions when he could leave and was worried about his money. During the admission paperwork, his daughter was present and kept reminding her father that she would make sure his belongs are okay and how the money is in the bank and will not be touched but only for his bills; she is his POA for finances.
Now in 2014, Colby has decided to stay at Rennes for long term care due to worry about his safety if he returned home alone. During the interview, I asked Colby how he is enjoying staying her. Colby stated that he is pleasantly surprised that every staff remembers his name and is very kind to him. Colby even stated that he enjoys having pretty CNAs taking care of him. Colby mentioned that he does not like going to the dining hall to eat, that he would rather eat meals in his room. Colby also stated that he only likes to attend activities when a live band comes otherwise he stays busy rearranging his room. As I sat on Colby’s bed, I looked around his room. Everything was lined up perfectly against the...

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