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Antonio Vivaldi's, "The Four Seasons", is one of the most popular pieces of music ever composed. It is regularly used for commercials and television Shows as well as background music in movies. "The Four Seasons" portrays spring, winter, autumn and summer with a brilliant composition of music, capturing the atmosphere of each season. Each season has a sonnet written by Vivaldi himself to accompany it. His sonnets influenced the brilliant musical compositions.Vivaldi's, "The Four Seasons", had a great influence on the musical world because it presented a new type of tune and a new idea. Vivaldi had created program music, which is music that represents or portrays something. He represented the four seasons of the year with a different tune for each season so one can hear the differences between each part of the year. Each piece of music was composed in different tunes: Concerto No.1 in E Major, which was "Spring", Concerto No.2 in G Minor, which was "Summer", Concerto No.3 in F Major, which was "Autumn", and Concerto No.4 in F Minor, which was "Winter."These songs basically created a stage for more program music because they took each season and put very realistic sounds and feeling into them. Composers or famous Baroques that took after Vivaldi's works had to create mature pieces such as "The Four Seasons." In the concertos, many sounds are heard but the techniques of the violins are what stand out. The violins create an atmosphere for each season like no other instrument can. Modernly electrical equipment is used to compose sounds of nature or even violins, but Vivaldi created the ultimate techniques of a violin.Vivaldi is the father of the solo concertos such as the ones that are heard in "The Four Seasons." He created this technique when he created other concertos, but he carried it into " The Four Seasons" and created a solo concerto for each of the seasons. A Solo concerto is in modern compositions of music because it is a technique that is greatly needed to perform classical music. His next contribution was his establishment and technique with other stringed instruments such as the bowing. These instruments are heard in " The Four Seasons" and they create a different atmosphere. Vivaldi devised a way to present stringed instruments like no other composer. "The Four Seasons" was an advanced concerto because it incorporated all new sounds and techniques. This is a major contribution because this led to more composers trying to compose advanced sounds. When composers finally established an advanced concerto it was used in all classical compositions. Vivaldi presented a free type of music when he composed "The Four Seasons". This lead to an era of composers that tried to freely establish concertos like Vivaldi's because his music didn't present much thought; it presented feelings and emotions.One of his most important contributions was many advanced and previously unmatched concertos and sonatas for instruments new at the time but now standard....

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3271 words - 13 pages same piece 499 times because he also wrote The Four Seasons. This song is so famous that even if you think you haven't heard it before, I guarantee you have.Sadly, Vivaldi mismanaged his fame and fortune and disappeared into relative obscurity and poverty. But luckily for him, my piano teacher taught me that good musicians can never really die, they just decompose. Speaking of good piano teachers, let's talk about: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685

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1187 words - 5 pages movement is slower and full of meaning and the final movement is fast and robust. All of the movements are in Ritornello form; which is where a common theme performed by the entire orchestra is played in between more flamboyant and faster paced solo pieces. Vivaldi has four violin solos within the five sections of ritornello. Providing an underlying support is the basso continuo which helps bind the music together. Composers such as Vivaldi only had

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