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Four Techniques Of A Job Evaluation

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There are four frequently used job evaluation.Job evaluation methods rank, classify, or compare job factors in order of difficulty or importance of contribution to the organization. Most employees believe that persons of equal job status should earn comparable salaries. The difference in salaries may be justified in terms of skill, seniority, type of work, and or place of work. However, dissatisfaction may occur where there appears to be no valid reason for difference in salary that exists. The administrative process (know as job evaluation, the basis for determining relative net worth of jobs in a organization from the lease to the most complicated.) should be initiated to maximize ...view middle of the document...

Because of these problems, ranking is probably the least frequently used method of job evaluation.Classification/Grading System. Jobs are broken into a grade or classification which are ranked by levels of difficulty and sophistication. It rates the job by a standard. The job evaluator decides on how the job will be categorized, how many categories will apply. An average of 8 categories are used, but it can range from 5 - 15. One well-known grading system is the United States Office for Personnel Management General Schedule. Then, production standards for each class are written which defines the production standard that serves as a basis for the compensation system. This is a simple and cheap way to classify jobs. Managerial/supervisory/training/education and/or knowledge, skills, and abilities. Argumently, you could can state that classification bring calmness to various issues affecting the job ranking module. In other words, this method compares each position to a establish system rather than another position. Quote: " The most publicized example of a classification system is the United States Office of Personnel Management (GS). Compiled of 18 grades and 10 step increase levels". If an organization want to establish across the board standards for evaluating position would be to utilize the OPM model to establish its own.(PG. 317, John M. Ivancevich). Through my own applications for federal employment there is a great focus on experience and traditional/non traditional education. Based on how well written your (KSA) knowledge, skills, and abilities that are evaluated by humans as well as machines and scored by a value system in relation to a vacancy announcement. This is a major determining factor as to your qualification for a position and compensation.(Advantages). You can assign a position to a predetermine scale. "Classification system can be constructed quickly, simply, and cheaply. It is easy to understand and communicate to the employee. It works well in large organizations.(Disadvantages). Deciding how many classifications should be utilized can be a problem. Since it's a more rigid system, not every...

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