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Fourteen Points Essay

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On January 8th, 1918, United States President Woodrow Wilson gave his “Fourteen Points” statement, which declared that World War I was being fought for a moral cause and calling for postwar peace in Europe. Most of the time Europeans welcomed Wilson’s intervention, but his allies Georges Clemenceau of France, David Lloyd George of Great Britain, and Vittorio Emanuele Orlando of Italy were all skeptical of the applicability of Wilson’s idealism. The speech Wilson made on January 8th, 1918 laid out a policy (free trade, open agreements, democracy and self-determination). The speech was the only explicit statement of war aims by any of the nations fighting in World War I.
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” This allowed removal of the international trade barriers wherever possible and the initiation of equal trading conditions among the nations accepting the peace treaty.
“Adequate guarantees given and taken that national armaments will be reduced to the lowest point consistent with domestic safety.” This point that Wilson made reduced the use of firearms to the lowest point consistent with the public’s safety. A reduction of armament burdens was gratifying to taxpayers everywhere all around the country. Disarming weapons and retaining only enough weaponry to provide domestic safety will help bring peace with the nations.
“A free, open-minded, and absolutely impartial adjustment of all colonial claims, based upon a strict observance of the principle that in determining all such questions of sovereignty the interests of the populations concerned must have equal weight with the equitable claims of the government whose title is to be determined.” Wilsons 5th point is more directed to the colonial powers. It directs them to release all colonial claims and to work in with the colonized countries for the benefit of those populations.
The rest of the points made by Wilson’s Fourteen Points speech were mainly concerned with specific territorial problems including claims made by Russia, France and Italy. For example Wilson’s 14th point, “A general association of nations must be formed under specific covenants for the purpose of affording mutual guarantees of political independence and...

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