Fourth Through Seventh Grade Essay

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I’ll start this paper with my fourth grade years. Then into my fifth grade years. Next, to my sixth grade. Finally, to seventh grade year. These four years of my life have been a blast and now I get to share this awesomeness with you! All these memories are never going to leave me and just know that what I tell today is what makes me. Now let’s begin…
The beginning of fourth grade was a simple year. Had friends, was school treasurer of the entire Jefferson elementary, and had three great friends. My main teacher was Mrs. Paris, a teacher that got me into shape. No, I wasn’t fat or anything, it’s just that I had a chatty mouth and always got into trouble. As a role model to the school I had ...view middle of the document...

If I could summarize the whole day I’d probably put it as… Epic!
When we arrived in Missouri the air was thin and dangerously hot. Not to be a drama queen, but it was! People from the LDS church helped us move in and there happen to be a new missionary that arrived on the same day as we got in Nevada, Missouri. When school started I was a wreck! New area and new people are not a good mix. Especially since I was starting a new grade! I rode the bus the first day of school not knowing that my best friend, Iliana, was riding it too. We didn’t talk until we noticed each other in homeroom. After meeting Iliana it was a lot easier making friends.
One of the people I met in Truman Elementary was Tanner… Oh boy, was he a babe! I had this massive crush on him but it’s weird because we never even talk! From my perspective he was a huge jock, but a beautiful one.
During the school year I was caught up in school work, drama, admired Tanner from a distance, and hang out with friends. During the summer I did this lemonade stand with my friend Maddison, in the end we raised thirty-eight dollars! It was an amazing accomplishment, until I realized that I had to split it with my partner and that it was all in quarters. The money went to a good cause though. We spent all of it on THEE pool. I’m not exaturating either. The pool was when friends got together and pretty much threw their own party. They would always be a blast… Oh how I miss them so much.
Before I moved to Utah my friend Tara decided she was going to throw a Goodbye Party. All I did was ask my mother. I let Tara do all the planning. When the part started I didn’t know half of the people there. By the time they got off at our bus stop then I at least knew all their names. There were ten girls all staying for the sleep over, but not all of them stayed overnight. Three girls wanted to go to another girl’s house because as I should have imagined, drama. We look back on it now and laugh though, so we’re cool.
When I was ready to hit the road to Utah I wasn’t as emotional as I thought I would be. Grandma and Grandpa Bass were there to help us move out. I was glad to see them again, but I sure was going to miss them. Goodbye creepy bugs!
When we arrived in Utah we had to live in my grandparent’s basement. That-was-awesome!! I loved living there! Grandpa taught me how to drive a four wheeler, I helped Grandma cook dinner, I’d make pancakes in the morning for everyone, and then we had to move. We thought we were going to move into...

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