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Fracking Essay

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According to an article on businessweek a because of fracking the areas around the drill locations have seen household incomes rise by $1,200. The energy sector supports 2.1 million jobs which added $75 billion to “federal and state revenues”. Fracking also added $283 billion to the US GDP or gross domestic product. Because of fracking fuel prices will fall which will lead to an increase of 3.5% to industrial production by the end of the decade. These have been some environmental questions about the safety of fracking most of which is the safety of the water and other natural resources. Mark Brownstein, who is chief counsel for the Environmental Defense Fund believes “If you’re going to make the argument that there are benefits to developing this resource you have to also be prepared to make the argument that you’re going to do everything possible to minimize risks to public health and the environment”. The pro fracking supporters believe that there can be a balance of environmental safety as well as economic growth. From 2012 to 2025 $346 billion will be invested into the energy sector which will create new jobs, factories, and products for the every day consumer.
Fracking is a very controversial issue to many people because of a movie called GasLand where only one side of the story is shown. In that video fracking has a very negative image on fracking. The climax of the movie is when Josh Fox the director films a citizen lighting their water on fire. What Josh did not say is that people have been able to do that for centuries because of the methane buildup in some water sources. The fracking argument should show both sides of the story not just one side. Fracking is a misunderstood process that when done responsibly can be highly beneficial to the world economy without the ramifications that come with hurting the environment.
Fracking is done in four stages, they are the acid stage, the pad stage, the prop sequence stage, and the flushing stage. In the acid stage thousands of gallons of water are mixed with different chemicals and used to clean the debris in the pipe such as cement. The chemicals are then flushed down the pipe to open fractures near the fracking well. The next step is the pad stage, where water fills the well to help force open the shale formations in the ground. This helps to extract the natural gas faster because it allows the chemicals to flow more freely. The prop sequence stage then begins which is when the water, chemicals, and and the shale material such as sand or rock combines in order to keep the well propped open to allow the well to be reused. The last stage is the flushing stage where more fresh water is shot into the well in order to cause a chain reaction where the fracking fluid rises up the pipe and washed into a collection basin.
The first fracking well was drilled in an oil field in 1947, and since then different ways to complete the process have been studied, tried, and tested. The best results occur when...

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