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Fracking For Natural Gas Essay

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Have you ever imagine the earth run out of resources, especially gasoline? The most significant energy we use to take for granted may be in tight supply. It would be a major inconvenience for us. That’s why I am here to discuss about it, that’s why I am here to save the earth, and that’s why I want all of you to join with me today. With fossil fuels nearing extinction, the United States has very limited options for providing the country’s millions of energy consumers with an energy source that is affordable and cost effective ; therefore, the solution is hydraulic fracking, also known as “fracking,” Natural Gas has the capabilities of fueling American cars and homes for the next hundred years, and the best part is the United States is the largest supplier of natural gas. Let’s broke it down to 3 major parts: first, how fracking natural gas affects our environment, second how it is going to boost up the economy, and third how it makes the United States becomes energy independent.
First of all, in 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted a thorough report on natural gas in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, and Montana. After the tedious examination, the EPA concluded that “water contamination could not accurately be tied with fracking.” (Groundwater Investigation, EPA) This is a new energy source, and a new energy extraction process, so radical environmentalists have to agree with the EPA, that the evidence is not cogent and fracking cannot be banned without more thorough examination.
Health concerns have also risen and accused fracking for air pollution .Just like the claims of water contamination, health concerns have not been tested accurately and are reports done with no background research. These concerns should be taken very seriously, but should not deter the expansion of natural gas operations in the United States. These claims of health damage caused by natural gas can be caused by almost any other energy source and should not be causing Americans to cast a negative position on natural gas before research is completed. Fracking has the potential to fuel every car, house, and building in the United States, but with a few radical environmentalists threatening to eliminate this new process without trying fracking first, is detrimentally to the energy future of America. (J. Zuckerman, U.S. News Report).
Secondly, the United States has the equivalent of two Saudi Arabias in natural gas. According to Kathleen Hartnett, Director of the Armstrong Center for Energy and the Environment, explains, “natural gas has provided Americans a road to prosperity and energy independence.” Natural gas is not simply a form of energy...

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