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Fracking Or Hydraulic Fracturing Essay

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The process of fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, is the act of oil and gas getting blasted with huge amounts of water mixed with many chemicals deep into a gas reservoir. Fracking splits the formations of the rocks to allow the oil and gas extractions. Hydraulic fracturing was first used in Kansas 1947 (Fracturing in Cali) Since then, fracking had became a regular practice to getting rid of unrecoverable reserves, or to stimulate production from oil wells in the United States of America. Workers have been using this process for over 30 years with no reports of the outrageous outcomes. Fracking in California has been ...view middle of the document...

(Mooney). The fracking business contaminates our water in many ways such as employing methanol, benzene, and trimethylbenzene. About 25% of the fracking chemicals could cause major health problems such as cancer, if taken in (From drinking water). Evidence says that these chemicals are starting to make their way into our aquifers and drinking water. The water quality can be threatened by the meth contamination because of the drilling and the fracturing of rock formations. The machines used by the fracking process can expose lead, arsenic, and radioactivity to the air with the flowback fluid.(Mooney). Fracking uses a ton amount of fluids such as water, so the waste of the water can come up and contain dangerous toxins that cannot be cleaned. Sooner or later, fracking will use all of our drinking water in a process that can be done some other way.
Not only does this process contaminate the water, but it also pollutes other aspects we need such as the air. The fracking releases dangerous hydrocarbons, xylene and benzene. It can raise the risk of respiratory illness. (California Fracking) The pollution of our water used with fracking can enter the air when that water is dumped into the waste pits, and then evaporates. (California Fracking) The health effects from fracking may contribute leading to health problems with people living near the fracking drilling sites. Climate change is also a big factor in our community today. The fracking techniques often release methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas that is at least 86 times more effective at trapping, can be exposed into the air. Fossil fuels are in the reach of fracking drilling. Fracking opens access to huge fossil fuel deposits that were once beyond the distance of drilling.
Animals and wildlife are also a huge impact when it comes to fracking. Extinct species like the California Condor, the San Joaquin kit fox and the leopard lizard live in places where...

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