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Natural gas, new age, cutting edge, right here in America. The Marcellus Shale an area in America that spans over Southern New York, a huge part of Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, West Virginia, parts of Maryland and Virginia. There are a few other areas here in America such as Texas that natural gas can be found, but Marcellus Shale is the winner. It’s the underground landmine a means for the United States of America to not be so dependent on overseas oil. Natural gas burns cleaner then that of crude oil. It warms houses, lights up your barbeque, and fuels buses in major cities. The list goes on, there is even ways to turn natural gas into fuel for your vehicle. As wonderful as that might sound the questions are, at what cost to our health and continued wellbeing? Why are gas companies given special accommodations not to have to follow through with laws that have already been passed and lastly is the benefits of fracking for natural gas worth all the damage it is causing?
To better understand the points I am hoping to make with this research paper, you must first have a general idea of what Hydraulic fracturing is and its process. “Hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) is a technique for tapping unconventional oil and gas reserves that are otherwise inaccessible. In the early 2000s, energy companies began combining horizontal (or directional) drilling with hydraulic fracturing to tap these reserves. The process involves drilling horizontally through a rock layer and injecting a pressurized mixture of water, sand, and other chemicals that fractures the rock and facilitates the flow of oil and gas”. (Boudet) Fracking has been around for almost 80 years. The process was first used in the late 1940’s by Stanolind oil and Gas Company, but it wasn’t until the early 2000’s that new age technology was developed to make hydraulic fracturing more possible and side way or horizontal drilling for easier access to the natural gas that was trapped in the shale rock. Over the years hydraulic fracturing wells have been showing up all over the world. It wasn’t until recent years that it has been a main focus of concern for environmentalist.
Although the main stream media has focused mostly on reporting the concerns of the mechanical drilling process itself, and its possible impacts that it has on the environment. Most people are unaware of the chemicals that are involved in the fracking process itself. It’s not the drilling that should be a concern, it’s what happens after the drilling has been done, and the chemicals that are left behind that is truly troublesome. What is even more worrisome is how there is no accountability by the companies that are doing the fracking for the chemicals that they are using in the process and their possible health risk.
If the gas companies have nothing to hide why were they were exempt from the safe water drinking act in 2005 (Placeholder1) It is because they had everything to hide. They needed to...

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