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Framing Coaching And Mentoring In The Context Of Small Enterprise Consulting

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1. Mentoring & Coaching
1.1 Mentoring definition
Mentoring is the process of developing an individual or group, through guidance and giving advice. There is no age restriction between the mentee and mentor. The focus of the mentoring is not just to develop a particular area but to grow the individual or group as a whole. In essence the mentor keeps the big picture in mind through his/her mentoring. This can be specific to an industry, skills, experience but not limited to these particular factors.
1.2 Coaching definition
Coaching looks at improving the performance of an individual or group, through a process of setting particular goals and targets to reach in given time. The coaching relationship is very structured with desired outcomes contracted by the coach and the individual or group being coached.
2. Describe the differences and Similarities between Coaching and Mentoring
2.1 Differences between mentoring and coaching
There are overlapping similarities between coaching and mentoring, as well as clear differences between the two.
Table 1. Differences between Mentoring and Coaching
Coaching Mentoring
• Provides day-to-day skills to be used on the job. • Provides medium-to-long term skills development.
• Two parties are involved, i.e. the manager (coach) and employee. • Three parties involved, i.e. the manager, employee and mentor (third party).
• Maintained by performance appraisals. • Maintained by development agreements.
• Driven by individuals coaches. • Driven by a steering committee.
• Usually no policy framework for coaching. • Guided by policy framework.
• Relationships are formed due to supervisory role. • Relationships are formed via matching.
• Goals, objectives and tasks are normally not documented (informal). • Goals, objectives and task are documented (formal).
• Job outputs are measured • Developmental outputs and the overall mentoring process can be measured
• Used to promote individual competence. • Used for a variety of reasons, e.g. career management, fast-tracking, equity etc.
Note: According to Marius Meyer & Leon Fourie in table 1.1 the differences are listed in a table form. (Fourie, 2006)
Coaching and mentoring have many overlapping qualities and methods but there are some differences between the two disciplines. The coach in coaching is usually not required to be an expert in a particular field. For example, the client might need a coach to assist in an engineering field, but the coach does not necessarily need to be an engineer himself/herself. Whereas a mentor usually has a particular industry experience or skill set. Coaching if documented can be measured through performance appraisal, specific goals, objectives or tasks. Mentorship looks more at the overall developments of the person which is harder to measure and therefore very important that there is an agreement established. Coaching has a set agenda in terms of how goals etc. will be achieved, whereas mentorship evolves and develops over a...

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