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France The Country Essay

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IntroductionFrance lies in Western Europe and it covers 210,024 km2 with a population of 57.2 million people, which makes it the largest country in Europe. France is very popular for cheese and wine.LandscapeWithin its 3000 km of coastline, France has some of the most beautiful scenes in Europe. It is famous for its long sandy beaches.France has 25% of the land used for forests, 6% used for towns and cities and 69% represents mountains and agriculture. The biggest mountain in France and Europe is Mount Blanc, which is 4807 m high but the mountain is also shared with Italy where is called Monte Bianco. France has over 150 lakes where the biggest is Lake Leman, and the biggest river is ...view middle of the document...

They can also vote against the government. In the National Assembly there are 557 people and the people of France elect them for 5 years, but only people over the age of 18 can vote.There are 321 Senators in the Senate and the National Assembly elects them for 9 years. In 1992 Edith Cresson became the first woman Prime Minister, but there has never been a woman president yet. The Prime Minister of France today is Lionel Jospin and the President is Jacques Chirac.France and the EUAfter World War 2 in Europe people started to look for ways to make sure they will never go to war between each other again.In 1950 two Frenchmen proposed that France and Germany and any other countries that wanted to, should sign an agreement for the production of coal and steel. As a result the European Coal and Steel community was established. In 1993 there were 12 countries which were called a Single Market. They can exchange goods between them much easier then before. Later on this Single Market became the EU.People with EU passports could move around within the Union more freely and could stay for longer. The EU's anthem is the theme to Ode to Joy from Beethoven's 9th Symphony. The EU helps people who suffered floods, violent storms, forest fires or even people who just have disabilities. EU countries combine their resources to support peace and help suffering people.EducationThe education system is run by the Government throughout France. French children attend school between the ages of 6 and 16. In primary school they learn reading, writing, arithmetic and other learning skills from the age of 6 to 11. The school normally begins at 8am and ends at 4pm, Wednesday is a free day but they have to go to school on Saturday mornings.The secondary school starts at age of 11 and lasts for 4 years. Thereafter they spend 3 years at colleges called Lycee, which trains them for part-time jobs. If the students stay there for over the age of 18 then they will study for the Baccalaureate...

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