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In business format franchises (which are the most common type), a company expands by supplying independent business owners with an established business, including its name and trademark. The franchiser company generally assists the independent owners considerably in launching and running their businesses. In return, the business owners pay fees and royalties. In most cases, the franchisee also buys supplies from the franchiser. Fast food restaurants are good examples of this type of franchise. Prominent examples include McDonalds, Burger King, and Pizza Hut.
With product franchises, manufactures control how retail stores distribute their products. Through this kind of agreement, manufacturers allow retailers to distribute their products and to use their names and trademarks. To obtain these rights, store owners must pay fees or buy a minimum amount of products. Tire stores, for example, operate under this kind of franchise agreement.
Through manufacturing franchises, a franchiser grants a manufacturer the right to produce and sell goods using its name and trademark. This type of franchise is common among food and beverage companies. For example, soft drink bottlers often obtain franchise rights from soft drink companies to produce, bottle, and distribute soft drinks. The major soft drink companies also sell the supplies to the regional manufacturing franchises. In the case of Coca Cola, for example, Coca Cola sells the syrup concentrate to a bottling company, who mixes these ingredients with water and bottles the product, and sells it on.
Franchisors benefit from franchise agreements because they allow companies to expand much more quickly than they could otherwise. A lack of funds and workers can cause a company to grow slowly. Through franchising, a company invests very little capital or labor because the franchisee supplies both. The parent company experiences rapid growth with little financial risk.
A company can also ensure it has competent and highly motivated owners and managers at each outlet through franchising. Since the owners are largely responsible for the success of their outlets, they will put in a strong and constant effort to make sure their businesses run smoothly and prosper. In addition, companies are able to provide franchising rights to only qualified people.
The franchisee also has numerous advantages that come from entering a franchising agreement, including:
– There is a low risk due to the tried and tested formula. Buying a franchise business provides a higher chance for success. They get the benefit of owning a proven business formula that has been tested and shown to work well in other locations. In addition, they receive the support from the main company toward establishing the business, and the training to operate it successfully.
– There are lower start-up costs since the business idea was already developed.
– They...

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