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Francis Bacon As Shakespeare Essay

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Francis Bacon as Shakespeare
For almost four hundred years the question of who truly wrote the works attributed to William Shakespeare has been studied meticulously by many scholars and historians. There have been many well qualified contenders, including Sir Francis Bacon. Because of the incredible number of coincidences between “Shakespeare” and Bacon, it is obvious that Bacon wrote Shakespeare.
Firstly, the actor William Shakespeare, who is the supposed author of Shakespeare’s works, could not have written them. He had no formal education after thirteen, was from a small provincial town, was a professional actor, had two daughters who were illiterate, didn’t mention any of his ...view middle of the document...

He spent three years in France again after leaving Cambridge (sirbacon). Due to his time spent in France, Bacon easily could have learned the language enough to use it in his writing. Many of Shakespeare’s plays also reference untranslated Italian works. Coincidentally, Bacon quotes many of these works in their original language in his acknowledged works (sirbacon).
Sir Francis Bacon was “one of the greatest lawyers in England and Lord Chancellor” (Rubenstein 112). Because of this, he is well qualified to have written Shakespeare’s works which are full of expert knowledge on English law. The technical knowledge of law in the plays is so intricate that whoever wrote them had to have actually practiced in the courts, as no amateur could have had such an understanding from just reading or hearing about the subject (sirbacon). There is also no evidence that William Shakespeare was ever involved with the courts (sirbacon).
It should also be considered that the periods of publication for Shakespeare’s works align perfectly with Sir Francis Bacon’s life. Bacon would have been about twenty seven when the first Shakespeare play was written (Rubenstein 112). He was out of employment between the years 1589 and 1607, which is around the time when many of the plays appeared (sirbacon). He was appointed Solicitor-General in 1607, and therefore would have been too busy to write until he fell from power in 1621 (sirbacon). Between 1620 and 1623, he finished two of his great works; right around the time...

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