Francisco Franco: The Creation Of A Dictator

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In the year 1939 the formidable General Francisco Franco rose to power during a time of government and economic struggle in Spain. He contained an ability that he began to develop and strengthen, allowing him to easily and efficiently take control of a situation, all while growing into a natural, very influential leader. His striking tactics of manipulation and articulate speech were cultivated from a young age, transformed into what would become mechanisms of terror. Due to a life that was submerged into the military and the path taken because of his specific division of the army, Franco developed these characteristics of a dictator, using them to accomplish a complete takeover of Spain’s civilization by whatever means necessary; the country was then plunged into a whirlwind of political, economic, and social struggles but also improvements that would continue to alternate until his death.
Franco’s early life greatly influenced his career as a dictator because of his family who had generations of military officers and his being forced to depend solely on himself during his time in the service. No person is born prepared to take on the world and become a powerful leader; they grow and gain experience, most often due to a catalyst that throws their life out of order. Franco was exposed to this very situation in which the plans for his future that had been as good as etched into stone were warped in a way that forced him to recreate a life of his own. “Like four generations and his elder brother before him, Franco was originally destined for a career as a naval officer, but reduction of admissions to the Naval Academy forced him to choose the army” (Payne). Franco was then forced to enter the army instead, so at the age of 14 he enlisted in the Infantry Academy in Toledo to embark on the road to joining the army. This alteration was one so drastic that it was able to become the greatest instigators in the creation of Franco as a dictator. The extreme difference between the navy and army being that the navy consists of mostly work overseas while the army is a mobile regime on land also provided Franco with a different type of training. This wide separation from the rest of his family could be seen as an encouragement to make something of himself and to stand out amongst all others. Franco excelled quickly in rank above the rest of his regime. “At a time in which many Spanish officers were characterized by sloppiness and lack of professionalism, young Franco quickly showed his ability to command troops effectively and soon won a reputation for complete professional dedication” (Payne). Franco worked as if he were destined to be a great military leader. He had an amazing talent for moving up rank in an extremely quick manner. His skill not only caught the attention of his supervisors, but also prepared him for his career. The natural quality of a leader began to emerge, feeding into the traits that would, in the future, enable him to overtake the...

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