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I agree with Jared Diamond that the geographic advantages of the Europeans made the Spanish conquistadors accidental conquerors. The geographic location of Europe enabled the countries of that time to develop the most update weaponry for that time. One other advantage came from the Chinese in the form of gunpowder and the technology from the Arabs that was used to make guns. Due to so much travel during that time diseases were spread much more quickly and allowed some of the people to build up immunity to the diseases, (Diamond). These simple factors shaped by the advantages of the different regions of Eurasia allowed a small band of Spanish conquistadors to conquer the mighty Inca Empire.
The conquistadors who invaded had a great advantage over the Inca Empire when it came to weapons, because the Spanish possessed the newest and most deadly weapons of the time. Due to Europe’s close proximity to the Fertile Crescent they were able to learn how to engineer steel to make stronger and sharper swords. Along with being in close proximity to the Fertile Crescent the Europeans also possessed writing, which enabled information to spread far more widely, more accurately, and in more detail than it could have been if transmitted by mouth, (Diamond 78). The written word also gave Pizarro records of Cortez’s battles with the Aztecs which he was able to utilize to make battle strategies that he knew would succeed in his conquests of the New World, (Diamond). In addition the written word enabled the sword smiths in Europe to create a new type of sword known as the rapier, and it was a sword meant for close hand to hand combat. This was a sword that was light weight, flexible, and durable to withstand fighting without breaking, (Diamond). In addition to the steel sword the conquistadors also possessed steel lances and daggers that slaughtered the Inca, (Diamond 76). The Spanish also possessed in their weapon arsenal horses and armor of steel, which the Inca had never seen before. These horses were like the jeeps and Sherman tanks of ancient warfare in this time, and they enabled Pizarro to lead his 168 soldiers to the heart of Inca Empire, (Diamond 91). The Spanish horses also enabled Pizarro and his men higher ground to stab and slash multiple Inca warriors at one time while being protected by the horse. Because these horses were trained for warfare they became weapons themselves they could charge and run over the Inca as the Spanish would lash out with his sword, (Diamond). While the Inca’s weapons included stone, bronze, or wooden clubs, maces, and hand axes, plus slingshots and quilted armor, (Diamond 74). The Inca’s weapons would have been able to cause a minor wound to a Spanish conquistador and his horse, but would have rarely succeeded in killing them. The reason for the Spanish to have only been caused a minor wound was because the conquistadors also possessed the newest and strongest armor of that time, which like their...

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