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Frank Abagnale Jr.: An Amazing Life Lived.

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Frank William Abagnale Jr, was one of four children born to Frank Abagnale Sr. and Paulette Abagnale. Abagnale was born on April 27, 1948 in Bronxville, New York; Abagnale attended Iona Preparatory School, an all boys Catholic High school run by the Irish Christian Brothers. Abagnale was very shocked when he learnt of his parents, mostly his mother’s, decision to get a divorce.
As a teenager Abagnale became mixed up with a gang of teenage delinquents, who for the most part was just caught up in petty theft; which led to them being put into a juvenile detention center for a little time. Abagnale also began to use a gas credit card his father gave him in order to make a tiny profit. Abagnale would charge items from the gas station on his card. The items would actually stay on the shelves at the store and Abagnale would be given a fraction of the amount of the items in cash while the attendant pocketed the rest. His father was stuck with the bill which exceeded a couple of thousand dollars. This was the start of his extensive criminal career.
After leaving home at the age of sixteen and the height of 6’4 Abagnale soon realized he could not make enough money without a high school degree. Abagnale left home with only $200 in his bank account and no formal education. Abagnale altered his drivers license to make himself ten years older. Jobs were paying the “26” year old Abagnale more than they would the 16 year old.
Abagnale soon decided to quit his job with him barely making enough money to support himself. Abagnale started to write bad check to support himself. Abagnale overdrew his account by thousands of dollars. Abagnale soon realized he could cash more bad checks if he dazzled bank tellers, so he did. Abagnale eventually started to create new identities so Abagnale could open different accounts and different banks. Abagnale started printing his own almost perfect copies of checks, depositing them, and persuading banks to advance him cash on the basis of how much money was in his account. Abagnale also started to prink his own account number on blank deposit slips and deposits written on those slips by customers would end up going into his account instead.
At first Abagnale just wanted to look like a pilot in order to seem more sophisticated in order to fool bank tellers. Abagnale contacted a purchasing agent at Pan American Airlines’ corporate headquarters and told them Abagnale was a pilot for the company and that the Abagnale was staying in New York lost his uniform. Abagnale was instructed by the agent to visit a company specializing in Pan Am uniforms on 5th avenue. Abagnale was fitted with a Pan Am co-pilot’s uniform, which was charged to a fake employee’s number. To obtain an I.D card Abagnale contacted the company pretending to be a purchasing officer interested in buying new I.D cards for his company. Abagnale told the salesman that he wanted to take back a completely finished copy of the pass, using an, example...

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