Frankentien And The Prestige Essay

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Comparison of Frankenstein and The Prestige

Comparison of Frankenstein and The Prestige

Settings, Resolutions and Themes


Alexander Molnar

The novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and the film The Prestige have several areas in which they are comparable. Three of these areas are their setting, their themes and their resolutions.

In Frankenstein and the Prestige setting is very similar and plays a vital role in helping get certain things across to the audience. One similarity is they both start off with fairly happy atmospheres, Victors got a wealthy loving family and Borden and Angier are almost working their dream jobs as magicians as magician assistants. These happy atmospheres make the tragedy so much worse since the fall from so high. Another of these similarities is the location in which they take place. The Prestige is set in London the entire time and Victor does go to London for a while but it is not really the exact location but the type of location in both that are the same. In Frankenstein both the monster and Victor spend so much time in solitude and the same occurs in the prestige when Angier visits America and Borden ends up in jail. The atmosphere and type of location are the two major similarities in setting between the two works of fiction.

There are also many differences in the setting between the two works. In the first is that The Prestige is set almost two hundred years ahead of Frankenstein this plays a major role because there is a large difference in the technologies show in the two. In The Prestige the bulk of the story takes place in London and the rest occurs in Colorado Springs in the United States. While in Frankenstein the story only briefly goes to London and takes place mostly in Germany. There many differences in the setting and the time and place are just two of the major examples.

The themes presented in the novel and film also have many similarities. The most prominent of theses would be obsession. Both Angier and Victor are overwhelmed with obsession. Angier is obsessed with the greatest trick ever while Victor obsesses over the monster. The second most prominent theme would be Death. In Frankenstein almost major character dies by the end of the novel. And there is a similar occurrence in The Prestige but it is not as huge a factor in it as in Frankenstein. Another similar theme would be creation but not just the creating but the treatment of the creations because both Victor creates a monster and Angier creates clones of himself but neither take very good care of there creation. Victor runs away from his hoping to never see its hideousness again and Angier kills his each time he creates it. There is almost an endless amount of similarities between the works of fiction obsession, death and creation being the most prominent.

There are also some major differences in the themes the two works have. One is illusion. The Prestige main theme would...

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