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Franklin D. Roosevelt Left An Indelible Mark On American History

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“A whole generation of Americans had grown up knowing no other president. He was a presence in their living rooms, he had called them my friends, and he had been at the helm of the two worst crisis of the century.” (“FDR”) The people loved his optimism and his sympathy with the less fortunate. (Perkins, 7) He was the people’s champion and they elected him to office four consecutive times. (Schlesinger, Time) President Roosevelt rescued America during the hardship that was the great depression. His decision to enter World War II played a substantial role in defeating fascism. Roosevelt believed in a multilateral effort in ending conflicts around the world. Franklin D. Roosevelt left an indelible mark of progress on American history.

President Roosevelt rescued America during the gravest crisis since the civil war, the great depression. When Roosevelt assumed the presidency, America was in its third year of depression. No other decline in American history had been so deep unemployment was high and 14 million people were looking for work. (“FDR”) Franklin D. Roosevelt at his inauguration on March 4, 1933, comforted the nation saying,” the only thing we have to fear is fear itself- nameless unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”(Meyersohn, 44) He also proclaimed that he was not going to watch while America suffered through the depression. “Action and action now!” he said. (Gilbert, 48) During the first hundred days in office, Mr. Roosevelt asked congress to pass a record amount of new legislation. The president signed off on the emergency banking relief act, which put all the nation’s banks under federal control and provided for their reopening. (Alsop, 120) “My policy is as the constitution," said FDR during the 1932 election campaign when he was accused of wanting to nationalize the utilities. (Anonymous)
Roosevelt had to fulfill his most important campaign promise, the new deal. “If the new deal is a success, a friend told Roosevelt in 1933, you will be remembered as the greatest American president. If I fail, Roosevelt replied, I will be remembered as the last one. “ (“FDR”) Roosevelt moved to put the government itself on a budget, freeing up federal dollars for relief and reform measures. ( He boosted the morale by making the sale of beer and wine legal. FDR also launched a congregation of recovery endeavors, which were dubbed “alphabet soup” programs for the acronyms that identified them. The civilian conservation Corps (CCC) put 2.5 million men to work on conservation and reforestation projects. (Stolley, 86) FDR believed that the assembling of the National Recovery Administration was the most important legislation of the early New Deal. “The NRA was meant to stop wasteful competition, encourage better regulated pricing and selling policies and provide for higher wages and shorter hours throughout the American business community.”...

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