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Franz Kafka And Ismail Kadare Essay

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Franz Kafka and Ismail Kadare were two of the most extravagant storytellers of modern times. Franz Kafka wrote the short story, The Metamorphosis and Ismail Kadare wrote the novel, Broken April. In these two stories, there is a sense of sadness and darkness that both author’s portrayed in them. The characterization between Gregor (from The Metamorphosis) and Gjorg (from Broken April) were actually similar in comparison. The similarities are isolation, loneliness, and their father figures. Nevertheless, both stories are magnificent to read during spare time.
In The Metamorphosis, Gregor lives a melancholy life with his parents and sister. One day Gregor awakes to find that he has been transformed into a bug. A jump through the story, finds Gregor isolated because his family really did not approve of what he has become. The only person that will actually talk to Gregor is his sister, Grete. Also, Gregor is now isolated from the society, his job, and the world because of his condition of being a bug. The author, Kafka utilizes a beetle image to symbolize or depict how isolated Gregor feels both with the society and his family. This plays on Gregor’s mental status and this causes him to feel like he has a loss in identity.
In comparison, the story Broken April, opens up with the main character Gjorg, who just avenged his older brother’s death; now he has thirty days to live or until the end of April because someone has to avenge the person that Gjorg has just killed. In chapter 2, Gjorg travels alone across the High Plateau, which is like a desert, in search for the Kula of Orosh to pay his blood tax. This particular scene in the story has a sense of endless, dullness and emptiness that all contribute to the atmosphere of isolation. Kadare uses obscurity to reveal the position of isolation and fear in the minds of the characters, especially Gjorg.
Isolation intertwine the characters, Gregor and Gjorg with each other in the same way but it has different outcomes.
In addition, Gregor and Gjorg both contribute from being lonely. This is said because in The Metamorphosis, Gregor feels like his parents don’t even want to be around him. “…he (Gregor) would not be in the mood to bother about his family, he was only filled with rage at the way they were neglecting him…” (pg. 846, Literature Across Cultures: Fourth Edition). In the story, Gregor’s father felt despondent when his son went through a metamorphosis because slowly he was getting a mind set that Grgor would never be normal again. Gregor would be left in his room ,deteriorating, feeling lonely because his family do not want to be around him. Not only does he feel lonely about being trapped in his room but he is afraid to go outside because of the dangers that prowls around out there.
Thus, in Broken April, Gjorg found himself alone on the highroad; he felt all hope of ever accomplishing his journey failed within him. This shows that Gjorg is suffering from a lack of hope which is most...

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