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Executive SummaryAfter carefully analyzing Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino, we have gained extensive knowledge on how the company operates. A company called Great Canadian Casino recently bought out Fraser Downs in March of 2005. To work for this company all staff must first be approved and licensed by G.P.E.B. and follow all guidelines set out by the B.C.L.C.We have learned that the main issue currently facing the HR department is the integration of the policies and procedures of the new parent company with the staff at Fraser Downs. Aside from that, HR monitors compliance, evaluates productivity, and builds employee commitment to the organization. They accomplish this through extrinsic rewards such as spot bonuses, and of the job activities such as ski/snowboard trips to the local mountains. Although currently in the process of creating some of these programs, HR does not have any wage structures, succession planning, development programs, training programs, and orientation in place. HR creates, analyzes, and reviews benefits and severance packages making sure they are effective and reasonably useful.We have concluded that Fraser Downs and Casino is severely lacking in training, orientation, and development. Currently there is no job design or job analysis in place making it difficult to analyze productivity and place employees in a position that is best suited for them. There is no orientation program in place, which could create the possibility of culture shock as well as not convey crucial information to a new employee on such things as policy and procedures to the organizational strategies and goals. With the lack of discrimination and sensitivity training in the organization, they are left with the possibility of a potentially hostile work environment as well as various lawsuits such as discrimination or sexual harassment. Fraser Downs does not offer career development or job development; this can be demoralizing to employees as well as allow them to remain unproductive if there are no steps in place to further develop their skills. Currently there is no training in place for new or current employees other then G.E.M.S. This makes expectations, policies, and goals unclear for employees and management creating the possibility of low productivity.Some of our main recommendations are as follows:- Create and implement an effective orientation program- Create and implement an efficient training program and timeline to reach training goals- Create and implement development programs such as personal career development and diversity training- Create clear expectations, policies, and procedures followed by training the employees in these areas- Create and implement an effective communications system- Create, implement, analyze, and review job design and job analysis- Implement succession planning- Train supervisors on how to train employees effectivelyWe believe by following our recommendations and implementing new systems, policies, and...

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