Fraternities And Sororites Being Limited Essay

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American universities have tried many different methods to limit alcohol related accidents and deaths in fraternities and sororities in the U.S.September 1997 was a very tragic year for a first year student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Scott Krueger died after drinking the equivalent of 16 shots of alcohol in an hour. This took place during a Phi Gamma Delta fraternity Greek Week Celebration. Scott Krueger is one of the many college students that have died from excessive drinking at fraternity and sorority parties. Another accident that occurred during a fraternity party happened at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware and at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Several students were apparently too drunk and confused to escape fraternity houses that caught on fire. One student died in Ohio, and four perished in North Carolina. Several actions have been taken place because of these parties. For instance, Kruger's family has filed a suit against the universities where Kruger died. The family said that the school should have kept tighter supervision on alcohol consumption at fraternities and sororities. Several fraternity and sorority chapters have banned alcohol altogether. This is for many reasons. Many universities have required the fraternities and sororities to ban alcohol or they have been threatened to shut down their houses. Although, some fraternities and sororities have chose to ban alcohol themselves. They say that negative publicity has made it difficult to attract new members. Some universities have even gone as far as building more dorms on their campus. These dorms would require first year students to live in them. Many universities have also required placing resident assistants in off-campus fraternity and sorority houses. The University of Delaware in Newark has adopted a program to monitor...

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