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Freak Show At School Essay

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That morning when Eliza walked into school she felt strange and she knew that day was going to be different. For the past year and a half that she had been attending Adelphie Academy and not once had she wore flat shoes. The reason being, Céline; the queen bee of school who decided on the first day of term that she was going to be best friends with her. Consequently, that meant that she had to become someone else, someone who was constantly in the limelight.

Adelphie Academy was an international prestigious school in Belgium and it was a historian’s heaven. Of course if you were into castles it could be your thing as well but only if you liked the ones that could have well been haunted. The cold, hard marble floor, each tile giving the place a more sinister vibe then the next made Adelphie seem more like a prison then a school. The large, stone block walls surrounded the main courtyard, trapping all the students in a large vault, with only the large sunroof providing light. The sun was in complete contrast to school and Eliza wished for it to disappear before it too, could never escape this place. The undercover pathways that were on the sides of the walls created a circle of shadows, like guards that stopped the students from escaping. Their menacing presence made them seem like they were going to spring out at any moment and snatch someone into their sinister grasp.

Walking down the pathway that lead to ‘Céline’s group’ table Eliza couldn’t help but think that maybe she wouldn’t notice. Her wishful thinking ended as soon as she heard Céline’s screechy voice.
“Eliza!” She wailed, fast walking to meet me half way.
“What are you wearing?” she hissed in my ear while grabbing my bicep with her long talon like fingernails.
“Ballet pumps? You know I heard their all the rage in America” I replied, making my tone not sound as if I were about to beg for mercy and forgiveness for ever braking her dress code rules. She snarled and was about to stomp her feet in a childish manner but instead she closed her eyes for a few seconds before opening again.
“Do you remember when you first came to this school? You were alone and I took you in, I could have made you into an outcast but I helped you and this is how you repay me by wearing those shoes?”
“At least I don’t follow your every command like a faceless dog,” I muttered under by breath.
“Oh don’t mumble Eliza,” she said in a frustrated tone. “Really, its not very becoming.”

As soon as she rolled her eyes I felt like grabbing her fake platinum blonde extensions and ripping them out of her hair. For the past month this is what our ‘friendship’ consisted of, her scolding me about little things I did and me really wanting to disobey the saying ‘violence solves nothing. ’ As I was about to start walking again I was pushed back by Céline, her frantic voice muttering something about not letting anyone see me with my revolting shoes. I for one could not care less what the student body though about my...

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