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Fred Shuttlesworth Essay

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Fred Shuttlesworth was a man of action, leading a new light on a darken city and across the nation. Surviving bombings, police arrests and clashes with the Ku Klux Khan, he became one of the most prominent Civil Rights leaders of his time leading the way of Civil Rights in hometown, Birmingham, Alabama. Working closely with Martin Luther King Jr, he famously one said “As Birmingham goes, so goes the nation” to Martin Luther King Jr. (Fred Shuttlesworth Biography)
Fred Shuttlesworth is one of the bravest and dynamic leaders of the civil rights movement, but every great story; every great individual had to start from the bottom to end up as a success story. Freddie Lee Robinson was born in Meigs, Alabama on March 18, 1922. Freddie and his family moved to Birmingham when he was a toddler. After his mother, Alberta Robinson, divorced Robinson and later re-married to William N. Shuttlesworth. Freddie decided to change his surname to his step-fathers surname from Robinson to Shuttlesworth. Freddie wasn’t alone in the family; he shared a household with eight siblings while his father worked as a farmer and a coal miner, bringing little income to the family. Young Fred began working as a truck driver and later a cement worker. To earn larger amounts of money and make ends meat, his family began making moonshine liquor and selling it to the public. During a sale, Young Fred was arrested in 1940 for operating an illegal moonshine still; he was sentence to two years on probation. After his fiasco with the law, young Fred worked harder in school and gains his first accomplishment by graduating valedictorian of his high school. (Nordheimer, Jon) He continued his education graduating from Selma University with a B.A in 1951. Selma University is a private, mostly black Bible college in Alabama. The University helps train African Americans to be ministers and teachers. He later earned his B.S from Alabama State College. Since Mr. Shuttlesworth trained to be a minister at Selma, he became a pastor at the Bethel Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama in 1953 at age 31. He later joined the Alabama chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People also called the N.A.A.C.P before it became outlawed in 1956. What happens next in Fred Shuttlesworth life changed the Nation forever. (Fred Shuttlesworth." Biography)
The civil rights era began and Fred Shuttlesworth is in the middle of it. One of the biggest inspirations for Shuttlesworth civil rights fight was in 1953 when the US Supreme Court Brown vs Board of Education ruled to outlaw segregation in schools around the country. He once said to the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper “I felt like I was a man, like I had rights.” He founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Martin Luther King Jr. and Abernathy in 1957. These big founders would later become the movement’s Big Three for Civil Rights. The SCLC was created to dedicate ending segregation in the south and use...

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