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Frederic Worth Essay

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Slide №1Slide №2(1825-1895)Worth was born in the town of Bourne, Lincolnshire on 13 October 1825. He was a son of a local solicitor, William Worth, who appears to run into financial difficulties when Charles was just a boy. Assuming that it was now up to him to put bread on the family table, at the age of 11 Charles headed for London where he became an apprentice and later a bookkeeper at a drapery firm «Swan and Edgar» in Piccadully. It was here that he developed an eye for sumptuous fabrics and showed the prodigious flair for salesmanship that was to serve him so well. To compensate for his lack of education, young Charles read current novels and visited the new National Gallery. He studied attentively the historical styles of costumes in the paintings. Certain aspects of fashion, he noticed, came round in circles and this knowledge later helped him in refreshing his own designs. At the age of 20 he left for Paris, the birth place of fashion trends.Worth got a job at the drapery house of "Gagelin and Opigez", a prominent firm that sold the textile goods, shawls and some ready-made garments.Slide №3For 12 years, Worth became "Gagelin's" leading salesman, and when he was not busy attending to the needs of his clients, he designed dresses for his new French bride, Marie Vernet, who also worked in this store. Soon, costumers began to notice these elegant creations, Worth was given a small department at the back of the store in which he displays his designs. The department prospered from the start because of his intimate knowledge of textiles combined with English tailoring techniques. So this was his first position as a professional dressmaker.Slide №4"Gagelin and Opigez" were unwilling Worth to expand his business, he branched out on his own in 1858 In partnership with Otto Bobergh in Paris at 7 Rue de la PaixSlide №5Although Worth had a number of influential clients, his big break came when he designed a gown for Princess Metternich, wife of the Austrian ambassador to Paris.Empress Eugenie, the wife of Napoleon III, spotted the dress at a ball in the Tuileries Palace. That dress had an incredibly complex cut. It was consisted entirely of tulle, flowers, pink hearts, silver sequins and bunches of green grass.
Elisabeth of Austria with Diamond Stars In Her Hair, 1865
(fun fact: this gown, designed by Charles Worth, and the diamond stars, were the inspiration for a costume that Emmy Rossum wore in the film version of Phantom of the Opera.)

Franz Xaver Winterhalter, Elisabeth of Austria, 1865, dress by WorthSlide №6Elisabeth of Austria with Diamond Stars In Her Hair, 1865(fun fact: this gown, designed by Charles Worth, and the diamond stars, were the inspiration for a costume that Emmy Rossum wore in the film version of Phantom of the Opera.)Slide №7From this moment Worth started dressing the world's most glamorous women.In 1864, Worth got the monopoly of supplying all evening and state wear for...

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