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Frederick Banting Essay

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Sir Frederick Grant Banting, a Canadian scientist and doctor, was born on Nov 14, 1891 in Alliston, Toronto. Banting grew up with four older siblings and his parents on a nearby farm. His middle-class family held a strong Methodist faith, which originally had taken Banting to the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Toronto. However, his love for the sciences drew him to transfer to Medicine.
Banting graduated with his M.B. in 1916 while World War I raged through Europe. Although Banting’s poor eyesight prevented him from enlisting in the army, Banting served as a medical officer in the Canadian Army Medical Corps. In spite of injuries he suffered in 1918, Banting valiantly continued ...view middle of the document...

Next, they removed the need for duct ligation by using an extract made from whole beef pancreas. On January 23, 1922, Banting and Best created history by injecting a 14-year-old diabetic boy with this insulin extract, which biochemist J.B. Collip had helped purify, and treating his glycosuria. Banting’s role as the principal discoverer of insulin earned him and Macleod the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1923. Infuriated that Macleod received credit for what Banting felt Best rightfully deserved, Banting chose to share half his reward money with Best and publicly recognize Best’s contributions.
Banting’s scientific progress took place during an economic and social crisis. But amidst this devastation was a wealth of industrial and medical advancements that contributed to increasing overall life expectancy. One year after Banting’s Nobel Prize victory, Dr. Willem Winthoven’s invention of the electrocardiogram won the Nobel Prize. A few years later in 1928, Alexander Fleming’s Penicillin discovery which revolutionized...

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