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Frederick Taylor's Scientific Management Reflects An Approach To Managing That Is No Longer Appropriate For Today’s Managers. Critically Evaluate This Statement, With Particular Reference To An Example From A Workplace With Which You Are Familiar

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Frederick Taylor's Scientific Management reflects an approach to managing that is no longer appropriate for today's managers. Critically evaluate this statement, with particular reference to an example from a workplace with which you are familiar
INTRODUCTIONManagement is defined as "the process of achieving organizational objectives, within a changing environment, by balancing efficiency, effectiveness and equity, obtaining the most from limited resources, and working with and through other people" (Naylor 2004:6). Theorists have continuously sought for means of improving business performance to achieve organizational goals. The school of scientific management, which was developed at the end of the nineteenth century, was amongst the first to try to apply rational principles of science and engineering to social organization and focused mainly on the operations side to find the best way for improving the process.Throughout the years, the rule of management has changed to meet the continuous changes in customer's needs as well as the dynamic nature of the environment.In this paper, the principles of scientific management are explored and Taylor's theory is examined with respect to their relevance in today's business environment using Nestle Corp. as a basis to support the case.Nestlé-Company BackgroundNestlé is a multinational which is the world's biggest food and beverage company founded and headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. It wants to be known as a "Respected, Trustworthy, Food, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company". Several of Nestlé's brands are globally renowned, which made the company a global market leader in many product lines, including milk, chocolate, confectionery, bottled water, coffee, creamer, food seasoning and pet foods. The company employs around 265,000 people and 121 people in Jeddah-Saudi Arabia branch and has factories or operations in almost every country in the world.MANAGEMENT THEORIESThe beginning of initial work of organization theory has started with the work of Adam Smith in his book entitled the Wealth of Nations where he referred to the division of labour both at an organization and market (i.e. social division) level (Anon. 2007 page 1.2).Similarly, by the end of the nineteenth century, Fredrick Winslow Taylor introduced the scientific management philosophy which is seen as big line in industrial revolution. Taylor has been described as the 'Father of Scientific Management' since he has adopted a scientific approach to managerial decision-making (Taylor 1911) which challenged the unscientific approach of traditional management practices. Taylor's interest was in minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. He argued that the cornerstone of scientific management is job specialization based on a task-orientated approach to work. His emphasis on rationality led to application of scientific principles to work management in order to establish the most efficient way -"the one best method"- of...

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