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In the Banwell Gardens we had the opportunity to talk to Karri Skinner, who works there as a staff member of the restorative / activation program. She gave us lots of valuable information, and she was going even above and beyond of our questions. We even got an actual calendar for this month and she gave us an explanation of everyday activities/programs, and also told us that some of outgoing activities had to be switched due to snow and cold weather.
At this facility they assess resident needs by testing their abilities through Centercise Program Assesment. They identify care needs of the client, and then they are trying to find the best options to suit their needs. Cognitive skills are very important during this assessment.
They are using various ways to inform residents and families about programs that they offer, and some of them are: calendars, resident council meetings, information boards, and active and knowledgeable staff. They think that they can proudly meet all resident needs with programs that they offer so far. Their main strengths are multidisciplinary approach and teamwork.
Staff in the Banwell Garden evaluates effectiveness of programs using progress notes. The progress notes can be taken daily, weekly and every 3-6 months. The progress depends on the client and the reason why they are there, if for example, someone had a hip fracture, his/her recovery will take longer. If the program is not the right fit or has no significant effectiveness, they replace it with another program. They have nursing rehab (government program), restorative care (feeding), walking and exercise programs. Restorative care is based on wellness and physical and activation care is based on social aspects. According to Karri, in most facilities activation and restorative programs are separated but in this facility they have open ended groups and that is why they have it together....

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