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Treat internet addicted students at Campus. At Santa Monica College, it’s usual to see students who are connected to the internet through their electronic devices. They can be divided to three different types of groups. One group who surfs on the internet to spend their free time. Students in this group use internet to watch a video, to check social network like Facebook, or Tweeter. The other group connect to internet to read their eBooks, or to do their online assigned homework. Finally, the last group is the students who use internet even in their class or in their studying hours. Doing more than one type of activities as the last group of students do, is multitasking which is very ...view middle of the document...

They cannot learn, and understand sufficiently, and deeply. However, students use internet because they believe that they can understand that much of information very well. Instead, Test results, essays, and grades show that students may understand web pages information on at instant that they are getting information from the web. As David Rothenberg gets to same result from one of his classes that “The web destroys the quality of students’ research papers” (Rothenberg 68).He understands even if his students had turned a well-done essays, but they didn’t get the lesson very well. On the other hand, students would learn a topic stronger if they read books rather than relying on web pages. They can be more active in the class because they read books, and understand idea more effective than when they access to the internet. Therefore, Santa Monica College without internet access will help to student to be active with a good level of understanding.
After all, plagiarizing could happen when students have internet access. Student unconsciously plagiarize because it is easy for them to just copy, and to paste the information and dates from internet. In addition, internet provides them a lot of information about whatever they searched for, as Rothenberg mentions “You may get 234468 supposed references to whatever you want to know”. Then, students use those dates in their homework because they believe that they can have stronger research paper in this way. However, professors can easily figure out these kind of papers because it shows an edited version of internet...

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