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Free Speech

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Freedom, equality, independence, and righteousness are common terms associated with the beautiful country of America. Many immigrants and foreigners have embarked on the journey to reach the beautiful valleys and gardens of a country built on values such as unity and individualism. The statue of Liberty, alone, is the universal symbol for freedom which stands in the heart of New York City greeting thousands of immigrants each year; embodying hope and opportunity for those seeking a better life in America. It stirs the desire for freedom in people all over the world; Muslims in Burma who fall under the threat of extortion, women in Egypt who are not given a voice, or people in South Africa ...view middle of the document...

High school is a small box in which vibrant, diverse souls are stored behind bars as to not stir up trouble. Our classes, our schedules, and our interests are predetermined and we have no say in what we like or dislike. College, however, is that vast arena where our different hues and pigments are finally mixed to create a culture so diverse and frayed from the rest of the population that a rainbow can be drawn. We are given an infinite amount of options and opportunities so that we can obtain skills to excel in the real life. During this important epoch of light, students gain such individual skills through communication and discovery.
Higher education is reached when students are active in their community and seek answers to their unresolved questions. Colleges that have speech codes are only inhibiting success in their campuses because they put a limit on curiosity. By punishing a student for telling jokes, creating relationships, reading certain books, or having a sense of privacy, colleges are trying to control every aspect of a student's life and this can be considered to be an indirect form of tyranny. Every American has a right to freely speak of their mind and explore their interests. The fact that certain colleges restrict books based on their titles is a horrendous and flabbergasting, dark truth. Books are beautifully crafted journeys that are meant to be taken, to escape from the normal, and to enter a new dimension. Keith John Sampson was a victim of abuse when he was wrongfully judged for reading Notre Dame vs. The Klan which describes a pivotal event in the cultural history of American Catholics. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis found Mr. Sampson guilty without a hearing; it labeled an innocent, knowledge-seeker as a criminal for adhering to his rights. In addition, it is perverse that such schools like Davidson will not let students ask each other out or that Colorado College will not let you embarrass someone. These are personal issues that must not be censored by a college. The University of Cincinnati designates a specific area of the school where students are allowed to speak freely; I consider this as crude humor. Schools cannot create free speech zones or speech codes in their favor because the whole entire continent of America is a free speech zone.
When an individual gets arrested, the first statement they hear is, "you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law". This powerful...

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