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Free To Low Cost College Education

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Steven Hancock
Professor Hudspeth
English 100

Free to Low Cost College Education

I as a student at a public University in Kentucky have noticed concerns and had many of my own about the cost of higher education the United States. Much of my school is paid by through loans and some through a scholarship. And for much of my peers they pay for school like I do. It can be extremely tough and overwhelming looking at your loan statement and knowing how much you’ll be in debt after school is over, and the worst thing is, is knowing that you’re not guaranteed employment. For many high schoolers who have been accepted to colleges they have shied away from federal loans to pay for school and ultimately end up not attending any higher education and if they do most end up not being able to pay for it and having to resort to dropping out. I myself never feared loans. Yes, I do stress about the fact that I will have to pay for them at one point. But I know I need an education and having them will be the only way I get that education I need to be successful and have a better future.

In the U.S certain people have begun to try and push to enforce policies on lowering tuition for college education and as well as trying to make it free. In Canada College education is a lot cheaper due it being subsidized a great amount by the government. Because the country has done this, it has made it easier for their citizens to become educated. About one in six people who owe money on their student loans is in default. Such a debt load is a harsh reality that is forcing a growing number of young people to look north to Canada for an education they can better afford. I myself thought about looking at Canadian schools when I was looking for colleges my senior year of High School. You can go to the top Canadian University for the fraction of going to the top U.S. School here.

I see free public education in two different ways. It can be good and bad for the economy, and the universities in general. I see making College Education free would cause an up roar within our universities. College being free would literally mean high school all over again. Do you have...

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