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Freedom And The War On Terrorism

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Almost everyday we hear people discussing the current war on terrorism status and specifically the Iraq situation. No matter, if one is a keen student of philosophy or an ardent observer of current-affairs, the topic of 'Freedom' pops up and claims its relevance, quite instantly. There are various levels of freedom struggles going on around the world and man is constantly trying to break free from the dark of bondage. The term 'Freedom' is inevitably always the heart of the matter whether the subject is human-rights or intellectual debates regarding human behavior. It is in simplest words defined as 'liberty of actions'. Every other idea seems secondary to its intrinsic beauty. It is indeed ...view middle of the document...

The opposite of freedom is oppression and when freedom is exercised to imply oppression then it crosses the limits of its intrinsic definition and becomes an act of tyranny.An individual's freedom must never apprehend another's. That is why laws and rules are practiced and that is how we have developed a civil society from a 'state of nature'.A state of nature is defined as a state of war of all against all-- A war for survival which has least regard for values akin to humanity. Ideas like morality or moral motivation have no place at all in such a state. In such a state, individuals frequently attack each other to attain various purposes. The foremost motive is the attainment of scarce resources that are needed for future security and survival. Another motive is to make an overwhelming statement of supremacy. It also helps to gain a reputation of strength as means of future protection against any potential threat. Usually such acts end up snubbing the idea of freedom. However, unfortunately it has been a way of individuals and nations for centuries. The pre-emptive attacks on weaker nations help them establish a reputation that is unquestionably absolute and long lasting. Under the context of current-affairs we can deduce that the culture that holds various societies and nations in a singular frame is under tremendous turmoil and despite the presence of an organization like 'United Nations', not much has been achieved in this regard. Let me bring the Iraq situation in the perspective. Iraq was attacked by U.S.A under the pretext of 'freedom'. It was claimed that Iraq holsters Weapons of enormously dangerous scale which posses the capability of mass scaled destruction. Moreover, it was believed that Iraq was ruled by an immensely spiteful and contumacious figure, who is not only a constant threat to U.S.A's existence but a major hurdle to a shinning Iraq.It was claimed that the American forces were agents of Freedom and the war was a necessary pre-emptive measure to keep the sadistic terrorist intentions away from the shores of America. There were mass-scaled protests against this hostility all over the world. The public opinion in America was split and people who supported the war had apprehensions for the safety of their homeland against their freedom. The cultivated culture of fear overrode the much priced moral courage. Before the war started another war was raged; One against the freedom of thought. The acute consequences of 9/11 left all the rationale paralyzed and the American public was swept away by a great wave of jingoism with the air of fear and vengeance. The war was raged against the UN charter. It was fought and it was claimed that the war was won on...

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