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It is so egocentric how the media and fans of the celebrities think that anytime these humans are having issues in their personal life that they have a right to an explanation and/or public statement.
Many people will argue that once they took that career path they gave up their right to privacy. All humans have a right to privacy especially with regard to family issues. Carrying on the right attitude when you are going through a difficult time is not easy; imagine every aspect of your life being played out on television at the same time. It is selfish to take these peoples misery so that we the public can be entertained.
When John Travolta’s’ son Jett Travolta died reportedly from a seizure and hitting his head on a bathtub so much controversy that had nothing to do with his death was being reported. Shortly after the devastating accident John and his wife Kelly released a statement that started with, “We would like to extend our deepest and most heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent their love and condolences.” This should have been more than enough to satisfy the fans and media frenzy; sadly it was not. Within days Mr. Travolta’s religious beliefs, sexual orientation and his sons diagnosis of Kawasaki syndrome were in the spotlight. Not to long after Jett’s death, John, his father, was on Larry King live explaining his religion and the information about his sons disease to calm all the media speculation. Put yourself in their shoes and think about how emotionally helpless you would feel as a parent at the loss of a child: Then add having to do a nationwide damage control because your family is being attacked and questioned. It is (omit) a disturbing thought to say the least. The purchase of a movie ticket is not an exclusive right into peoples lives.
Tiger Woods “The Greatest Golfer in the World” achieved this title not by the public voting for him or some inauguration but by his own hard work. Recently he was alleged to have several extramarital affairs. From the moment the story broke, the media fueled the controversy with interviews of some of the alleged women. His wife and children had to go into hiding because the media began stalking them. His wife and children are the biggest victims and yet the media is out trying to get pictures as if the devastation in their hearts can be photographed. The most appalling demands, not requests, were coming from the fans and media. They wanted him to explain how exactly he did it, why and to apologize. While I understand that he endorses several products, in this...

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