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'freedom Furniture Group Limited' Produce A Report That Is To Identify And Analyse Four Issues.

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Executive SummaryThis report identifies and analyses four issues that have been implemented by Freedom Group Limited in their retail furniture stores to gain competitive advantage in the past, and recommends ways in which these issues may be used in the future to overcome environmental factors and continue to provide them with a competitive edgeThese issues are strategic alliances, corporate restructuring brand building and information technology. Each of these issues are intrinsically linked and as such create various synergies in the company that allow it to deliver superior customer value and obtain lower relative costs for a competitive edge in the industry. The overriding issue is one or strategic alliances in the form of joint ventures and takeovers. Competitive advantage has been gained here through Freedom's ability to constantly restructure its business units in order to maintain profitability. This is assisted through use of technology and united by the strength in the Freedom brand.In the future it is recommended that Freedom Group enhance and adapt these issues in order to maintain a competitive advantage in the retail furniture industry. As such, the following recommendations have been made:Strategic Alliances - Freedom Group should continue to seek out new alliance ventures. Martin Videon president of the Furnishing Industry Association of SA stated that the highly significant alliance struck between Steinhoff and Freedom Group " only the beginning you will see other retail chain groups doing the same thing with other manufacturers." So in order to sustain competitive advantage they must continue to expand in this way.Brand Building - Rod Walker said that "home wares have been a bright point aimed otherwise patchy trading". In light of this, product line extension for the Guests brand through introduction of home wares may solve its problem of profitable as Guests currently relies majority of its sales to come from sofas, which have a much lower mark-up.Corporate Restructuring - Given the key industry success factor of store location, Freedom should look towards location in bulky goods centres. This is a definite future market trend, given dye lime poor nature of consumers. Also, a continued approach to cost reduction through corporate restructuring should be taken to better insulate Freedom Group from the decline, and strengthen its position in case of an upturn in industry sales.Information Technology - Given the popularity and growth of the internet and e-commerce, and gauged by the success of the Freedom Furniture website launching all of its brands online should be considered. This is also an important consideration given the time poor nature of shoppers and tile popularity and growth of online shopping which will b leveraged by the strength in the Freedom brand name.I Introduction1.1 PurposeThe purpose of this report is to identify and analyse four issues that have been implemented by Freedom Group Limited in their retail...

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