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Freedom In Markets Essay

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Freedom in Markets

“Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.” (Friedman) As we all recognize, Friedman firmly appraised exertion of a free market. Free marketing is a market that attains no governmental consent in means of acquisition or pricing of commodities. In Friedman’s eyes as Americans we should be independent enough to rectify our own market. America is known for its freedom and rights constructed from the founding fathers into the constitution. We as Americans must defend our rights towards marketing. Free marketing will benefit the economic status of our country while sustaining our freedom.
Many people infer that we can not formally run markets without government consent resulting in corruption. However, companies can not raise prices to outstanding amounts. For example, if someone were to sell a carrot for 100$ he would not be successful since the other sales origins would sell the carrot for a lower more acceptable price. That or due to the current cost conditions the consumer would look for an alternative other than that product. This is how we can ensure that in a free market we would be safe from corrupt sales. Also know that in a free market both parties must come to an agreement to make the trade or sale. Given that Theodore Roosevelt had initiated the Sherman Antitrust law in 1930 we are assured that we are safeguarded from monopolies that would attempt distortion of prices in the market place.
Naturally a person wants to trade lower items in value for higher values. People have different perceptions towards the value of one object and another. One person might need something for a certain reason giving them the thought that what they have to offer is less in value. These actions are called market forces. In a free market the people have control. And that is how a free market runs. Rather than having a government regulated market that has no interest in the people’s needs or wants. The government is insouciant by only focusing solely on what the companies suggest and the current situation of the economy. Opposed to a regulated market free markets revolve around the supply and demand of the people.
On the other hand regulated markets are the complete opposite of the Free Market. Governmental authority for all products created in cognizance to their pricing and formation process. They also restrain the region of distributed and how distribution to the consumers is done including taxation. Given this power they can easily become manipulated by other companies to set certain means of pricing to their own liking. This affects the market as a whole due to the inefficient prices which also imbalances the prices of other products. The whole corrupt process of this can also cause the accessibility to many due to the high amount of money regarding that certain product. Although some people still support Regulation in the markets because they fear a chaotic outbreak in the economy. They...

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