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Freedom Of Choice: The Very Best Policy

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The author does not make a very convincing case that school uniforms and dress codes violate students’ freedom of speech and undermine important values. She argues that students are the only ones with a dress code. She states that students should be able to express themselves using their own judgement. She believes that uniforms do not help maintain a respectable appearance for the school community. School uniforms are essential to students in order for them to learn discipline and respect.

The author's opinion says "I believe they should apply to everyone. It would only make sense. Yet so far I have not heard much about dress codes for teachers". This is a mistake because as a personal experience, I discovered that teachers and staff members do have an expectation to meet when selecting their clothing for school. In addition, by pointing out ignorantly that teachers do not have a school uniform, the author undermines the argument that students should be able to choose what they wear in accordance with their own judgement. This is true because adults are expected to be more disciplined than children, so their set of rules should not be as strict. Students may honestly believe that they have enough judgement in order to select their own apparel, but realistically speaking, a student has only so much experience that it is ridiculous to expect them to be respectful in what they wear.

The author’s argument that when students wear uniforms, they have limited freedom provides little proof that something should be done to change the situation. The author states "It's as if we are purposefully being trained to dress alike, think alike, and act alike. But isn't this still a diverse world we live in?" This is not very intelligent of the author because the world is not as diverse as she explains it is, for example, there are a variety of religions, races, cultures, and techniques in the world but that does not mean that a large group of people doesn't follow the same...

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