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Freedom Of Expression And Rap Music

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Many issues have come up regarding what rights and actions are protected under the First Amendment. Rap music should not be restricted on the television despite much controversy over the idea. Bok says that some acts cause debates, although people may disagree with it doesn't mean it should be taken away. There should be no restrictions held against playing of rap music. Music that we listen to constructs the sound track of our lives.
The number one killer in creative speech is censorship. Censorship in music is a topic that has brought about much controversy in the past two decades. "Preventing or punishing speech?is a clear violation of the First Amendment." (Censorship. Opposing Viewpoints by, Greehaven Press page ). Congress shall make no law? abridging the freedom of speech or of the press". Swearing in music has become a more common thing to hear in today?s music. Many teens would rather listen to explicit songs than to the non-explicit ones. Based on a poll on the internet, which asked, ?Do you listen to music with swearing in it?? 70% of the voters chose yes to listening to music with swearing in it ( In a song by Marilyn Manson, called Rock and Roll Nigger, the lyrics are as follows ?"I'm a rock and roll nigger, this is your world in which we grow, we will grow to hate you. Jimmy Hendrix was a nigger, Jesus Christ and grandma too. Brian Warner what a nigger, nigger, nigger fuck you, fuck you." ?Many people have debated over what has been said in the song, but not yet have I seen politicians or congressmen threatened to censor it says Zhar?. Bok states that ?Although people may disagree with it doesn?t mean it should be taken away? ?Women are major consumers of rap music. If anyone should be putting a stop to the bashing of women in rap music it should be the public and the listeners? (Zhar). Lawrence states that ?Blacks and other people of color are skeptical about the argument that even the most injurious speech must remain unregulated because, in an unregulated marketplace of ideas, the best ones will rise to the top and gain acceptance.
If the music is found to be so bad, then why are the parents not using the channel blocker on the channels that allow the music. Deciding what children should see and hear in my opinion is a parent's chore and right to decide, not the governments. ?As long as gratuitous violence and sex aren't being seen with Saturday morning cartoons, then what we have now is fine. When parents choose to ignore the ratings that are displayed on CD's, movies and television shows, and their children view or hear something graphic, it is the parents fault not the artist's. There is no doubt that everything we hear and see in the media isn't going to rub us the right way but, that's the beauty of the first amendment? (Mariah Carey). Like Kilbourne states kids are easily influenced by what they hear and see.
Not all rap music is about swearing, degrading woman and...

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