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To Kim Jong Eun,
My name is Danielle Ruiz and I am 15 years old living in Australia. I am very lucky to be living in a country that allows me to practice religious freedom which ultimately leads me to be able to live with authentic freedom. However, the people in your country do not experience this type of freedom and are unable to practice the religion of their choice without cruel punishment.
North Korea has endured through three generations of your family’s restrictive leadership and is unable to practice several basic rights they are inherently entitled to from birth. Your government and leadership violates article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stating, “everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion” which allows them to practice their religion publicly without harming others. The country you rule is oppressed by your control and it is clear that now is the time to change the method in which your country is governed to better the life standard the people in your country experience.
The punishments for openly practising religion in North Korea can range from being sent to political prison camps with even harsher conditions to public executions and mass persecution. Thousands of Buddhists and Christians have been killed for exercising a basic human right. These consequences are overly harsh and restrict the freedom of North Koreans. Your people desire freedom to make their own religious decisions which will, in the end, benefit their character. The rules of your country prevent your citizens from having their own opinions and thoughts because they are afraid of the consequences created by you. People living in North Korea are unable to have authentic freedom because they are not allowed to live out their freedoms they are born with.
You restrict religion in your country because you are afraid to lose an environment of fear and control and you are scared of religion weakening your influence over the people. The government of North Korea has deprived citizens of their right to seek knowledge from sources outside of the country that has contradictory beliefs to North Korean ideologies about their Supreme Leader. By restricting the knowledge citizens have access to and threatening them with beyond-harsh punishment, the government has turned them into slaves of ideology.
The people of North Korea would develop...

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