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Freedom Of Speech: Should We Be Spending Money To Transmit Messages?

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The debate on the constitutionality of spending money to transmit a message has been discussed for some time now. Freedom of speech in the first amendment covers the right to express ideas without unjustifiable government control. Should the government decide that spending money to send out a message is unconstitutional or should they step back and remember that restrictions should not be imposed regardless of the citizen or entity? Since freedom of speech should not be restricted for anyone, money used to transmit a belief or an idea should not be restricted either.
In order for speech to be heard in almost any facet, money will have to be spent. Political speech requires money in order for it to be heard and if someone decides to contribute to a cause that is directly related to political freedom of speech, it is being used to facilitate expression. Regardless of the entity or citizen, freedom of speech should be treated the same across the board. How is it constitutionally acceptable to limit a corporation from spending money on a candidate that they feel portrays their beliefs or goals? After all, a corporation is made up of citizens of the United States and is a form of accumulated people. Donating to a cause or something that is believed in is making a statement and is protected by the constitution.
An argument to consider is that a corporation is not an individual citizen, therefore, cannot be included in the constitution as having the same rights and protections that a natural citizen would have. By definition, a corporation is a legal entity that is separate from its owners. Corporations are limited liability entities, which means that its owners are not held responsible for its debts. In addition, in order to form a corporation, its owners need to create articles of incorporation that are required by the government or the...

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