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Freedom Of Speech Must Be Granted For All Americans

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Freedom of Speech Must be Granted for All Americans

An educated family man dedicated to saving lives and easing the suffering of others was shot down and killed in the early morning light outside of his office simply because of his beliefs and the job he performs (ABC News). There was rioting and death in a distant country resulting from the remarks of a religious speaker (ABC News). A businessman on a plane trip was taken from his seat without explanation and interrogated for hours based solely on his nationality (CNN). Caught on videotape, an uneducated man was beaten senseless due to the color of his skin by those sworn to protect him (ABC News). A mother weeps; her loving, sensitive teenage son was killed by a mob because of his sexual preference (Newsweek 6). Each victim was a minority by numbers or views and was subjected to violent behavior for the crime of being themselves. Individualism is a right guaranteed to all people through the writings implemented by our founding fathers, which our government secures through the Constitutional Amendments. If we fail, however, to remember that freedom of speech belongs to all the people regardless of beliefs, we sacrifice all people's rights.

Has our government, through political correctness or incorrectness as established in today's society, failed to defend the population the laws were set up to protect? Our Constitution was constructed on the foundation of a republican government, which set forth laws to protect us from the tyranny of a majority rule. Through the attachment of The Bill of Rights (NARA), we are guaranteed constitutional rights of "freedom of speech," the pursuit of happiness, and liberty and justice for all. Because of these rights, all minorities have the identical rights and guaranteed protection from discrimination as the majority. Can our laws guarantee us protection from extremists? No, they cannot. However, they can and do guarantee us protection of our rights, and the extremists guilty of committing the acts of violence and terror in the prior paragraph were brought before the courts of our land and punished for their crimes against humanity.

Our system, government, media, and leaders, through the interjection of an intolerance and non-acceptance policy towards individuals or groups with the desire to trample on the rights of our nation's minorities, have set forth the maximum protection for minority groups. The people of our nation have followed their leaders in acceptance or at least toleration of minority groups' beliefs and rights whether based on sexual preferences, skin color, religion, or a woman's right to abortion, etc.. As a great nation and leader of the free world, it is our government's and the people's responsibility to protect all law-abiding citizens from discrimination regardless of their differing views. We as a nation have accomplished the protection of minorities' rights even though we are not always able to protect each individual. Our...

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