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Freedom Of The Koreas Essay

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Korea was split in 1945 into Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Republic of Korea (ROK). Combined, both states population reaches 73,675,610 and geographically is slightly bigger than the United States’ (US) Idaho. Historically, the Soviet Union occupied the DPRK and the US occupied the ROK creating a long lasting tension that still exists today. This however created the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), a section of land at the 38th parallel in hopes to buffer the DPRK and ROK from future military invasions. The split created two entirely different nation states, which share the same heritage. In each nation state individual freedoms are quite different due to government authority. In the North, a totalitarianism rule amongst a communist regime, which represses the overall public to have almost no say in government relations. The South however, has evolved from an authoritarian rule to become a democratic parliamentary form of government and has become a world trading power. Individual freedoms are conceptualized by type of government and political culture.
Differences in Government
The DPRK is known throughout the entire world to have an oppressive type of government. One that causes its’ citizens to starve to death and resort to foreign aid. The nondemocratic totalitarianism form of government is led by a one-man dictatorship, Kim Jung-Un. This creates a state in which their sole focus it not the betterment of society but self-induced rule from a family legacy.
Following its separation from Japanese rule in 1945, the Soviet Union proceeded to occupy the North. It is believed that the Kim Jung legacy is very much alike the Stalinist state which existed in the Soviet Union. The totalitarianism type of government gives way to this interpretation. Its’ party system also gives indication that Kim Jung-Un is in full control of his government organizations. In reference to the first paper, several parties exist under his rule. The Korean Workers Party (KWP), is the major party in the DPRK with, Chondois Party and Social Democratic Party being the minor parties. The KWP overlooks both parties, which is under control of Kim Jung-Un. In the last election, April 2012, Kim Jung-Un was unopposed leading to his win. This tends to be an often occurrence. As one can assume freedoms are extremely limited.
Kim Jung-Un has a focus and that is building one of the largest militaries in the world. Many things give hint of such accusations such as consistent arms trade, overall famine of the lower class, and a heightened nationalism, which is forced amongst the government. The military is the result of a very high autonomy in the government, which gives the ability to work independently from the public with out intervention. Arms trade, as referenced in paper one, in 1990, 558,000,000 arms were imported. A fault here however, is the lack of capacity to feed the common citizen.
Constantly, the DPRK threatens the...

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