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Freedom Of Thought In "Inherit The Wind" By Jerome Lawrence And Robert E. Lee

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In the play "Inherit the Wind", there is not much freedom of thought. If someone strays away from the common way of thinking, and expresses this thought of difference. They are looked down upon and considered a sinner and even persecuted for it. This happens to Bert when he decides to teach his students about Darwin's theory of evolution. The parents are outraged. They believe that anything that contradicts the Bible is evil. Anyone that would tell children people evolved from monkeys and not created by the Lord must be evil too.All it says is that man wasn't just stuck hereLike a geranium in a flower pot; that livingComes from a long miracle, it didn't justhappen in seven days.But we don't live at the top of the world.We live in Hillsboro, and when the sungoes down, its dark and why do you tryto make it different?You make it sound as if Bert is a hero.I'd like to think that, but I can't aschoolteacher is a public servant; I thinkhe should do what the law and theschool-board want him to do."People I thought were my friends lookat me now as if I had horns growingout of my head"This narrow view produced many problems both for the people as a whole and in particular on character, Rachel. She is a very submissive character and goes with the flow. She eventually evolves into a very powerful person in order to make a difficult decision. Her first decision is to obey her father and to have the same thoughts and feelings as him, or doing what she believes is right. Her ultimate decision is leave her father and live her life with Bert."I think there must be something wrong inwhat Bert believes, if a great man like Mr.Brady comes here to speak against him.""I believe in the Holly word of God and Ibelieve in Matthew Harrison Brady!"I believe that Bert did that right thing by standing up for what he believes in. He taught the students that it is okay to think for yourself and make your own decisions. Nothing is black or white; one person's point of view on something may not be the same as another's. He never said that the Bible wasn't good or that he wasn't religious just that a miracle such as life must have taken longer than seven days.It isn't as simple as that. Good or bad, black or white,night or day. Do you know, at the top of the world theTwilight is six months long?The words I've said to you-softly in thedark just trying to figure out what the starsare for, or what might be ob the backsideof the moon.Brady seems to be a very powerful man with the people of Hillsboro. They hang onto every word that comes out of his mouth....

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