Freedom Of Women To Be Prostitutes

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For centuries, women have been selling their bodies, in most cases prostitution, but it is not world’s oldest profession. Nevertheless, for as long as history states, prostitution has been around for as long as the oldest professions in the world. Every aspect of history asserts even the slightest things about prostitution existing. Prostitution has been a long-term profession through out several decades, whether it varies from being an adult star, escort, prostitute, a stripper etc… As long as they pay their rights as a civilian of the country (taxes and such), they should be allowed to do whatever they want with their body. In terms of legalization and morality issues (pertaining to religious reasons), it is the woman’s choice.

Throughout great civilizations of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, through to the centuries of middle Ages, 16th century to present, Prostitution was always apart of history. Even during the 18th century BCE, the Code of Hammurabi shows provisions on the inheritance rights of prostitute. They were based on the same level of a “devoted woman” and a “sister of a god”. As written, “If a ‘devoted woman’ or a prostitute to whom her father has given a dowry and a deed…if a ‘sister of a god,’ or a prostitute, receive a gift from her father, and a deed…she may dispose of it as she pleases…then she may leave her property to whomsoever she pleases” (Code of Hammurabi). During the 6th century BCE Solon even set up government-supported brothels in urban areas, hiring inexpensive prostitutes that all men could hire. At that time there were even educated prostitute-entertainers – similar to modern-day porn stars. Throughout the Ancient Greek and Roman eras, prostitution remained legal. In the Middle Ages, year 1161, King Henry II regulated prostitution. By then, prostitution was widely accepted, especially in major cities. King Henry II set up laws on prostitutes must be single and had a weekly inspection at the brothel to make sure laws were not violated. In Italy, 1358 A.D., prostitution was welcomed. In such ways that brothels were built in major Italian cities, which were government-funded. The Great Council of Venice even publicized prostitution to be “absolutely indispensible to the world”. Over 1802, France, monitored brothels were created. The new agency monitored brothels on whether or not laws were followed and no criminal activity took place. This was successful for over a century. Up until 1971 Nevada legalized prostitution, even Nevada is not the most liberal area of the US. Other countries that have legalized and currently regulating prostitution is Austria, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lebanon, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Senegal, Switzerland, Turkey, Venezuela as well as some Australian states, and Mexico. Prostitution does not only include whores, but adult film stars, escorts and strippers. If for centuries it has been working out, there is no reason for...

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