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good, got help from a Yale student very persuasive.FREEDOM THROUGH THE PRESSbyTears streamed down a broken faceThat stared to the ground where his father layAt lexington was he dying this dayFor a battle lost, and a war begun.In a young boys hand, A father lifted his headTo look at a son, so confused and afraidWho understood not, for what his father bledWhy he would fight, What reason for death.And so as they looked eye to eyeThe boys innocent lips formed the question, why?Then With inhuman strength, A father lifts dying fingers to skyPointing to a cloth, flying on highHis heart burns like fire, beats like a drumAs with his last breath he whispersFREEDOM!56 men signed a Declaration of Independence, risking their lives.1000's of men and boys died in the Revolutionary war,And 100's of 1000's more fought and died in wars to come.56 men created and signed a document of government so perfect it has endured the test of time for over 200 years.Millions of people have given precious support in the fight for equality and against racism. For what reason did many people risk their lives and sacrifice so much?democracy: n. gov. by the people...Their hearts burned brightly with the fires of freedom.We have been handed a Democracy, handed freedom. And now we must either throw this heritage away, by taking it for granted or we must fight our own battle, a battle without bullets or threats, a battle for democracy. For Freedom isn't Free. We must rule ourselves. It is an almost an obvious fact that in order for us to rule, we need information. If the ruling body does not have information than it can do nothing but act blindly, without direction. This information comes from the media but, in order for the media accomplish this informative purpose, so that we the people can rule ourselves, can have a democracy, and can be free, we must do three things: Redefine democracy, Listen to the press, and control our press.Our first problem is to redefine democracy.Imagine, a young polish factory worker reads daily in papers that tell him he is free, because the communistic government allows elections. The Press tells him his government has the economy under control. Yet he finds himself spending his time and money standing in line to buy over-priced bread so his babies can live another day. Among the graffiti that began to appear in Poland was an especially significant complaint, Prasa klamie ('The press lies').However, free media from countries like the U.S. filtered to the Polish people revealing the truth about their economy. Once the people heard the truth, they gained power and this lead to the elections of 1989, their first non communist Prime Minister in years. Knowledge is power. A free press is still necessary to a democracy even when free elections occur.And having a free media will lead to a more democratic form of gov.Countries get away with being called democracies when, by definition they are not. We must redefine democracy as the Freedom of the press, not...

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