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Viraat Vummenthala
English 109, Mr. Kane
Freewriting Essay (draft 1)
Write Free
Freewriting where you write continuously without stopping or editing the document for given
period regardless of grammar, spelling, punctuation. Where Elbow encourages new writers to
write free writing for at least 10 minutes and “Don’t care about grammatical or mechanical
correctness and keep writing without looking back or stopping and by doing this three times a
week and increasing the period will help writers overcome lack of enthusiasm and
self-evaluation. From my point of view, I thought it wouldn’t be so easy because when we write
something we edit the paper as write, we keep going back just like our school trained us. I knew
I can't write straight for 5 mins without stopping or editing my paper just like the quote
“Nothing worth having comes easy.” when I think or see something my brain says it's easy for
example when I look at pool my coach asked me to do 400 yard swim I thought It was easy, but
when I jumped into the pool I couldn’t do a 350 yard, but with practice we can.
After we write our first rough draft and revise and do a self-evaluation (critic) by looking at how
I expressed my idea and thinking should I add more or cut something. Is it necessary or I would
change the information to make ideas more vivid, accurate and more convincing. And also by
fixing my grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation errors. Or I would ask my peers to
evaluate it. In professional or school as we write we think about the words to use and start
editing in mind. We do multitasking and break the thought process. By writing and editing at the
same time. We shift our focus from one topic to another and start evaluating our errors making
changes as we write. In school when we write an ...

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